2009 World Factbook: The Latest Facts About The Nations Around The World

On October 13, 2009

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2009 World Factbook: The Latest Facts About The Nations Around The World

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Knowing about other countries and governments is becoming more valuable and important to people from all around the world. Such information usually requires volumes to cover, or at least a dense publication that isn’t easy to tote from place to place. The 2009 World Factbook app makes such an issue a thing of the past and it delivers data on almost every location in the world.

The 2009 World Factbook app is compiled by the CIA and gives information on such issues as the flag, history, geography, government, economy, military, transportation, people, map, and communications of each country. There are also some listings with authoritative details about transnational issues too. The current edition delivers full-color and highly-detailed maps of all major continents plus such things as the time zones, and the Caribbean also.

The content for the app is updated approximately every two weeks, and this includes the various appendixes and indices as well. Each listing can be explored in great detail and the user can opt to view the single subject heading screens or divide their view of the interface into four separate panes instead.

There are other apps the contain facts about all of the nations of the world, but this is the one directly connected to the CIA data and is updated on a regular basis. The 2009 World Factbook app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for the app is $.99 and all of the updates are provided free of charge.

If you want to be well-informed and have a very handy and ready reference about the nations of the world, this is a good app to acquire today.

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