MapQuest 4 Mobile: The One Absolute Way To Be Sure That You Never Get Lost Again

On August 9, 2010

App Type: iPhone

MapQuest 4 Mobile: The One Absolute Way To Be Sure That You Never Get Lost Again

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It is so frustrating to get lost, and with the MapQuest 4 Mobile app such a thing doesn’t need to happen ever again. This is because the app taps into the device’s GPS features to know precisely where the user is located, and then gives them directions from that spot.

The MapQuest 4 Mobile app uses the same comprehensive maps as the full-feature website, and adds the amazing benefits of spoken directions, automatic re-routing in the event of a missed turn, touch-free features, and more. The app even features directional services for those traveling on foot as well.

It all starts with the selection from one of the handy tabs, and these include Maps, Directions, and My Places. The app automatically detects the location of the individual and then helps them to look at a simple area map with options for standard businesses and services available through a tap of the screen.

The directions then show the individual where they are and how to reach their destination using the same visual mapping system as the website, or via spoken commands working with the GPS locator. There is an in-app dialing feature for those who feel that they are still a bit lost too! Routes that are to be repeated can be saved to the device also.

There are other mapping applications and GPS options, but the MapQuest 4 Mobile app combines the power of the website along with the power of the device to give optimal results.

This app works with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. There is no charge for a download of the MapQuest 4 Mobile app, and all updates are entirely free of charge too.

If you want a customized mapping service in the palm of your hand, this is certainly the app to use for the work.

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