Money And The Law of Attraction: The Secret Approach To Obtaining True Freedom

On December 13, 2009

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Money And The Law of Attraction: The Secret Approach To Obtaining True Freedom

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In the contemporary world of self-help and motivational publications there are many who believe in the Law of Attraction. Most also believe that changing one’s world requires a shift in perspective too. The Money and The Law of Attraction app is designed to facilitate this necessary shift through the use of beautifully designed and illustrated flip cards.

Motivational experts all encourage their followers to do a lot of thinking, and the Money and The Law of Attraction app offers the individual a steady supply of thoughts and images to help them achieve their financial goals. The app has sixty cards based on the Teachings of Abraham which can be viewed in a large number of ways.

The app user can shuffle the deck and select randomly, they can view the cards all in the upward or downward facing position, and they can even email their favorites to contacts and friends in their address book. Favorites can also be saved as wallpaper or within the photo roll too, and the app remembers the last card viewed upon reopening.

There are other motivational apps, but this is an exclusive offering by world-famous authors Jerry and Esther Hicks.

The cost for the app is $3.99 and users are encouraged to visit the authors’ website for more inspirational information. The app functions only with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you are looking to find some personal financial success and also a bit of motivation, this is an ideal app to download today.

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