Gas Cubby: Track Gas Prices, Vehicle Mileage And Maintenance Schedules

On September 9, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Gas Cubby: Track Gas Prices, Vehicle Mileage And Maintenance Schedules

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In the current economy most people are very mindful of gas prices and the mileage that their vehicle is capable of obtaining per gallon. This can often be improved by simple upkeep and maintenance, but busy lives and schedules sometimes mean this all falls to the wayside. With the Gas Cubby app, however, you can track gas prices, mileage, maintenance requirements and much more.

This app allows the user to track gas mileage and maintenance requirements for all of their current vehicles. The program records all VIN numbers and license plates as well. The user simply inputs data each time they fill up their tank, schedules a repair or service, and takes a long journey. The app will provide the user with clear charts of their MPG, money spent on gas, the best pricing they found, their total operating expenses and more.

The reports generated in the program can be entirely customized and exported for use on a laptop or desktop too. It also alerts the user when they need to schedule an oil change or other typical service.

Although there are many gas mileage apps, and vehicle service calendars, the Gas Cubby app rolls them all into a single program, and the capability for exporting data to a computer means that it is a powerful tool for financial planning and management as well. Currently, it is available only for iPod Touch and iPhone users.

The cost for this app is $4.99, and it can work in a variety of units, including miles, kilometers, liters, gallons and more.

If you want a convenient tool for improving your gas mileage, saving on fuel costs, and keeping your car in top condition, this is the app for you.

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