TechCrunch Offline Reader: Track, Read And Contribute To The Leading Technology Blog

On October 10, 2009

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TechCrunch Offline Reader: Track, Read And Contribute To The Leading Technology Blog

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Anyone who is interested in web 2.0 and technical issues tends to also be a regular reader of the many different TechCrunch blogs. The problem for many is that they don’t have a lot of time to sit and browse through their favorite locations in order to keep up to date or even leave some comments.

With the TechCrunch Offline Reader app, however, they can now read all comments from their selected blog posts and even comment back. TechCrunch blogs include MobileCrunch, CruchGear, TechCrunch IT, Gillmor Gang, TalkCrunch and many more. Clearly this means that an enthusiast will have a lot of blog visiting and reviewing in order to stay abreast of the issues that concern them most.

With this app, however, all of their favorite blogs or areas of interest can be funneled into a single display screen location where viewing and commenting are streamlined. The user is never obliged to read every blog, but merely selects from the list of their favorite or most relevant blogs in order to receive the feeds each time the app is activated. Additionally, the app automatically updates to ensure stability at the same time it receives all current data.

The main screen utilizes the “blog shelf” design which is the central location for the TechCrunch blogs selected. The user simply taps the one they want to read and gets all of the most recent information.

While there are other TechCrunch apps, such as the TechMunch for TechCrunch, the Offline Reader app is the only one with fully customizable selections and options. It is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

There is no cost for this app download and all upgrades are free of charge too.

If you would like to simplify your TechCrunch blogging this is the app for you.

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