Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials: Track Your Pregnancy From The Few First Weeks To Contractions

On June 28, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials: Track Your Pregnancy From The Few First Weeks To Contractions

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By: Med ART Studios

Version #: 1.0

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Price: 9.99

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The Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials app is a remarkably comprehensive tool for expecting mothers and parents. It comes with a huge array of features and functions, and even includes some incredibly realistic graphics too. Expecting mothers and parents using the Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials app will be able to customize the screens and features with the name of their child and its gender too.

This means that the week by week images of developing fetuses will perfectly coordinate with the actual baby being carried. These images are in true 3D and can be turned and panned to give the mother an accurate idea of the size and appearance of their baby. The app also comes with a weekly Doctor Says page to give updates about everything from fetal development to health care requirements.

There is an Organizer tab that helps track doctor’s office visits, provides an easy to use To Do list, a Newborn Essentials tab, and even a Hospital Bag tab to help keep everyone organized. The Tools tab features a weight tracking tool, an amusing Kick Counter, and even a Contraction Timer for the moment when labor begins.

The Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials app is unique and there are few other applications that can compare to the array of tools available in this one option.

The cost for the app is $9.99, and all updates are entirely free of charge. The app works with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you are expecting a baby and want a handy tool for the many things you must know and do before the baby arrives, this is a good app to choose.

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