Bloom: Unlock Your Inner Ambience And Take Time For Yourself To Relax

On July 16, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Bloom: Unlock Your Inner Ambience And Take Time For Yourself To Relax

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By: Brian Eno, Peter Chilvers

Version #: 1.02

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Price: 3.99

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We are all busy people and the business of our lives tend to stress us out. So if you need to take that break with some mood music once in a while, download Bloom and feel the quality of your life get better than ever. The interface is both simple and elegant, so using this application is a no-brainer. It is your instrument, so go ahead and play it.

With Bloom, you can unlock your inner ambience by listening to ambient music to suit your mood. But not only do you get to listen to it, you get to watch it as well by creating elaborate patterns that simply go with the mood. With Bloom you can create fun and elaborate patterns and you can control the music as well simply by tapping the screen of your iPhone. Because of the ability for Bloom to create infinite tunes, the application literally turns into an endless music machine. You can direct the play or Bloom can play itself.

Other features include 9 different mood settings, shuffle, adjustable delay, and the shake function to clear. These features make Bloom different from your usual music player or music creator. When compared to such applications as iDrum and BeatMaker, it is simply unmatched because of its overall unique function.

To download Bloom, it only requires an investment of $3.99 for unlimited tracks and visual stimulation. We all need a little ambience in our lives and, in this case, it comes at a great price.

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