Swap It: View, Edit And Swap The Pasteboard On Your Device

On December 4, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Swap It: View, Edit And Swap The Pasteboard On Your Device

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By: Robert Hodgen

Version #: 1.0.0

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The Swap It app is a unique offering because it allows to iPod Touch or iPhone users to share the contents of a single pasteboard without the need for a WiFi connection or cell phone signal. Images, text messages, URLs, and more can all be transferred with a few taps on the screen.

If you have a photo from your library, a few text messages, or anything that you can copy to the pasteboard on the device, you can then use the Swap It app to share it with another compatible device. The app also allows the user to review the contents of their own pasteboard and clear it if they wish.

The transfer process doesn’t just send a flat file to the receiving device, instead any URLs go active and can be tapped to open into the Safari browser, and phone numbers or emails are equally recognized and functional as well. The app uses Bluetooth technologies to communicate which is the reason that no Internet or network connectivity is required.

While there a few file sharing apps available, the Swap It app offers a rare opportunity to utilize the pasteboard location for file transfer.

This app functions only with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but these can only communicate with matching items – meaning iPod to iPod or iPhone to iPhone transfers. The cost for the Swap It app is $0.99, and any updates are made available at no additional costs.

If you want to easily share many different kinds of files or items from your mobile device, this is the app to acquire right away.

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