PDF Reader: View High Quality Files Of Any Size Without Eating Memory

On October 9, 2009

App Type: iPhone

PDF Reader: View High Quality Files Of Any Size Without Eating Memory

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By: Kdan Mobile

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If there is one file type that almost everyone needs to be able to see and read it is the PDF. There are millions of documents, files, and pages formatted in this way, and they are easily saved to a computer. What happens if you want to view a PDF through a mobile device? With the PDF Reader app it is totally easy and problem free.

The app has a remarkably enhanced viewing engine that supports even the largest files. A user of the PDF Reader app can download from the built-in web browser, get files via the WiFi sync feature (which means they can tie their mobile device to their computer), or they can bookmark a site for reading and loading later on.

There is a very handy zoom feature, and the app supports additional file types such as text, HTML, MS Office, PowerPoint, and more. The user can choose one of three modes for viewing files and they can quickly scroll through documents of any size using the fast page up and down buttons. Currently, the app will also assist with opening attached files for Gmail account holders.

There are certainly many PDF viewers available, and this is one that will rank highly among those in need of PDF viewing through a mobile device. It’s different file download options, large array of file type support, and wireless sync features make it very handy and efficient. It currently operates with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The cost for the PDF Reader app is $.99 and some upgrades are planned for the near future.

If you need to read PDF and other file types through your mobile device, this is definitely an app to try.

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