Groups: When You Need To Take Control Of Managing Your Contacts

On October 12, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Groups: When You Need To Take Control Of Managing Your Contacts

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By: Guided Ways Technologies

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How do you manage all of your contacts? Do you have them sorted by groups in an email list? Do you have some way of identifying them quickly on your mobile device? Today people use their iPhones and iPod Touch devices to communicate on personal and professional levels, and the Groups app is a good approach to helping someone manage all of their group contact information and efforts effectively.

The Groups app allows the user to easily create, rename, sort, organize or even delete groups from a simple intuitive view. The easy to use drag and drop options make it super-easy and efficient to add names to groups, shift data around, or even merge entire lists. This app is also a way to allow mass communication because it allows for emails to be sent and calls to be made to entire groups in a variety of ways.

For instance, all recipients might be allowed to see an email’s “To” list, but then the again the “Bcc” (blind carbon copy) feature might be selected instead. Adding and removing names from lists and groups is a simple process as well, and the app user is able to search, edit and organize their group membership in a wide range of ways. The app also features a “smart groups” function that allows categorization to occur in an effective number of ways, including sorting by those with no emails or those which are businesses, etc.

The Groups app is an extremely productive app that also automatically syncs with the user’s laptop or home computer. It works only with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for Groups is $3.99, and it operates in several different languages.

If you want to get serious about managing all of your contacts, this is the app to use.

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