Texts From Last Night: When You Want To Share Your Text Adventures With The World

On October 2, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Texts From Last Night: When You Want To Share Your Text Adventures With The World

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By: Texts From Last Night

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Did you happen to send or receive an outrageous text message in the past few days? Do you have a friend who regularly makes you burst out laughing with just a few well chosen words on your iPhone’s screen? Did you find some outlandish things in your mobile browser today? Does your phone often make you wonder just what sort of trouble you go yourself into the previous evening?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Texts From Last Night app is something you must acquire. This is the ideal app for those who like to visit the famous Texts From Last Night website in order to get some great laughs. It makes it easier than ever to post your own crazy, laughable, or downright outrageous messages, and just as easy as ever to read what others have been willing to share with the world too.

The app user can also cast votes for their favorites and look at the special sections which include “worst nights” among many others. It also has a feature that allows the user to copy and email their texts in order to share them with friends who might not regularly visit the website.

There are all kinds of social networking and humorous apps, but this is the only one directly connected to the increasingly popular site of the same name. It is currently compatible only with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The Texts From Last Night app costs $.99, and is not appropriate for children.

If you want to enjoy a lot of entertaining reading and even post some messages of your own, you will want this app right away.

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