Words With Friends: Where Social Networking Meets Addictive Crossword Gameplay

On January 2, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Words With Friends: Where Social Networking Meets Addictive Crossword Gameplay

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By: Newtoy

Version #: 3.05

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Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account will want to give the Words With Friends app a try. This is because it is the ideal way to interact with social networking friends on a regular basis and all in the spirit of fun and intellectual competition. It uses the popular word tile game format in a turn-based style, and relies on social networking to establish contacts.

Those playing the Words With Friends app will be able to engage in up to twenty different games at one time. This means you could play with friends, co-workers or even the person next to you on the train. It is a simple drag and drop word tile game that scores points for each word created from the available tiles.

The game incorporates an online chat feature in order to allow players to discuss the game board, and anything else too. Players can also invite friends to join directly through their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or enter into any public ongoing game as well. Resigning from a game allows it to continue, but frees the player up to enter into additional games also.

There are many popular mobile word games that include Associate This, Miss Spell’s Class, and Moxie, but the Words With Friends game is one that incorporates a social networking element and allows a player to engage in multiple games at any time.

The cost for the app is $1.99 and all updates are made available entirely free of charge. This app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

When you want to enjoy a bit of literary fun in an entirely social and pressure-free environment this is the ideal app to download to your mobile device.

To Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile users, at this moment this application is available for iPhone only, if you would like us to notify you when it becomes available for your mobile device please Sign Up for a free account.

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