Econtact Pro: Your Personal Assistant For All Your Contact Management Needs

On January 30, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Econtact Pro: Your Personal Assistant For All Your Contact Management Needs

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Are you sick and tired of leaving a meeting and then having to enter all the details of the people you have just met with into your mobile? Have you ever got back to the office or home and found you have misplaced a business card? Well help is now available with the Econtact Pro app. This app allows you to manage your professional and personal network without all the effort.

You simply take a photo of the business card, and the Econtact Pro remote back office team will do the rest. They guarantee 24 hours turn around, no matter how many cards you send and the data is automatically transferred from the servers to the iPhone. Alternatively, you can choose to enter the details yourself.

The user can view their contacts in the Econtact pro application and sort by name, company and location just like most contact management applications. There are also a number of actions which can be used, such as call a contact, send an email and locate a contact through a map plus more.

There are many business card apps available, but the Econtact pro app is the only one which provides a secure data entry service and guarantees 98% accuracy when entering and storing your professional and personal contacts.

The cost for the app is $1.99, and any updates will be made available at no additional fee. You can buy data entry services in bulk, 20 cards for $3.99, 100 cards for $11.99 and 500 cards for $37.99. This app functions with iPhone 3GS running 3.1 OS or higher.

When you want to keep your professional and personal contacts up to date, or you want easy access to the right people, then this is the app is a must download today.

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