iSayHello Communicator Pro Review – Translation On The Go

On October 4, 2013

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iSayHello Communicator Pro Review – Translation On The Go

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By: Admovi GmbH

Version #: 1.04

Date Released: 2012-12-14

Developer: Admovi GmbH

Price: 5.99

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There are plenty of other apps out there that perform the same function as iSayHello Communicator Pro. However, this particular app does manage to distinguish itself from the crowd.

While the app itself is relatively small and quick to download, on the initial run it downloads all the necessary data to work properly and that could take a few minutes.  The app is intended for holiday travel, so it’s best to perform the initial run before you leave on vacation.

The app consists of two pieces:  the Travel Dictionary and the Communicator.  The Communicator is a standard piece that I’ve seen in other communication apps.  Using an active Internet connect, the app translates the phrases your iPhone or iPad hears into another selected language on the fly.  It is not necessary to have Siri for this functionality to work.

The Travel Dictionary stores common greetings and questions on your device so an Internet connection is not needed for these particular sorts of phrases.   This is a feature that I have not seen in other applications.  This is particularly useful for the traveler that can’t find an Internet connection.  I should add that the selection of languages for the Communicator Pro is pretty vast and encompasses most major languages in the world.

As of this writing, iSayHello Communicator Pro is about $6 in the App Store.  A free non-pro version also exists but that has limited functionality.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Quite possibly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those who travel and need a handy translation device.

What I Like:Good layout. Easy to use. Active translation is quick.

What I Don't Like:No speaking voice after translation. Text on screen only.

Final Statement:iSayHello Communicator Pro is a great thing to show for those on the go.

Read the Developer's Notes:
**Price reduction!** Only 10 days reduced! Get it now and give away!!***Never again find yourself lost for words when you’re on holiday or traveling.
Speak with your friends in their language. Translate words and whole sentences, and let our Language Monster speak them out for you. Send translated texts by mail and SMS.

Also offline, the travel dictionary can be of assistance on your travels.

With this app you can talk with your friends in their language, translate words and whole sentences and hear them spoken out, and send the results as messages. During your travels, this travel dictionary with perfect pronunciation can also be used offline.

Choose the language you want to use to chat with your friends. Either enter the text or speak to our Language Communicator Monster, which will translate it for you. The translation is displayed as well as spoken out using the Voice function. Using the Monster, your friends can respond in the same way. Communication between people from different countries has never been so easy.

Furthermore, for language support during your travels – also offline – the app features an integrated dictionary with 13 languages. 11 lessons with the most essential vocabulary and with phrases spoken by native speakers – to help with understanding and as a language course.

The app at a glance:

1. iSayHello Communicator features:

- Simultaneous voice communication in two languages – online translation tool
- Translates words, phrases and simple sentences into more than 50 languages
- Voice recognition for 29 languages and dialects
– Send translations by mail, SMS or Twitter.
- Post texts on Facebook

2. iSayHello Travel Dictionary features:

- Offline and thus independently usable - 11 lessons with the most important phrases for holidays or travel.
- All texts are spoken by native speakers and can be played back directly.
- The most popular and common phrases can be saved using the Favorites function – by using the Play function, the dictionary can also be used as a language course.

iSayHello provides language knowledge in 11 clearly laid-out themes:

+ Daily life
+ Arrival/Customs
+ Greetings
+ Smalltalk
+ Hotel/Money
+ Shopping
+ Food & Drink
+ Flirt
+ Emergencies
+ Numbers
+ Football

Offline travel dictionary, available languages:

Spanish, Italian, English (UK), English (US), French, Portuguese (EU), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Bavarian.

iSayHello Communicator voice recognition, available languages:

English (US), English (UK), Australian English, Spanish (US), Spanish (EU), Spanish (Catalan), Chinese, Hong Kong Cantonese, Taiwanese Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Canadian English, Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (EU), Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, French (Canadian), Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, German, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arabic.
What's new

- Minor bugfixes

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