It Was Worth A Shot – Using Whiteboard Capture To Capture Text

On April 19, 2009

Whiteboard Capture is an interesting single-purpose app that lets you capture pictures of your white board, filter it, and save a clean, easy to read digital image.

You can also take pictures quickly using the standard camera and clean them up using the app later.

Basically, the app is a limited filter that does one trick and does it quickly and easily.

If you do a lot of work using a Whiteboard I can see it being quite handy for just $1.99.

I don’t use White Boards a lot, but I thought there might be another use for it…


Quick text capture!

I love the idea of quickly capturing text with my iPhone but, unfortunately, the camera isn’t quite up to the task. The Griffin iClarifi does a good job of making images much clearer but I hoped that WB Capture might be able to clean up images without having to use a special case. Unfortunately, the app didn’t do a very good job with standard images.

Conclusion of this experiment-

If you need to capture Whiteboards, Whiteboard Capture is a great app.

If you need to capture text, get an iClarifi case or… wait for the new iPhone and its (supposedly) better camera.

WBCapture can be purchased HERE for $1.99.

Have you found sme good iPhone camera work-arounds that DID work? If so, share ’em!