iTap – Review Update and Giveaway

On January 6, 2009

We took a look at iTap a few monts ago. Since then, the app has been updated and new features. Here’s a fresh look…

Every so often an update comes along that answers everyone’s prayers. Well… Thank the lord! On the seventh day, he gave us text input! iTap’s recent update can almost classify itself as a new app release with all it has to offer. The jist is the same; remotely control your computer from across the room or, best case scenario, the couch. The application that gave us multitouch trackpad support at an affordable price has done it again adding keyboard input that is easy to use and extremely convenient. One of the most noticeable upgrades in the application is to the trackpad itself. In order to keep with Apple’s high standards it has been updated to reflect the new buttonless multitouch pad found on the new unibody Macbooks.

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This application is also able to be used both in portrait and landscape mode, whichever fits your needs at the moment. With these improvements it is not much of a leap to consider this application a replacement for that Bluetooth keyboard and mouse you have been eyeing on Amazon; in essence this app is a $4.00 wireless mouse and keyboard. Because of the multiouch capability it provides, however, it becomes so much more. The special added keys pointing left, right, up, and down, as well as multimedia controls and a volume slider make this application a must-have for the home theater afficionado.

Almost "Frontrow perfection."

This application update also made me start to doubt myslef…

I just recently purchased an Apple TV, which I absolutely LOVE. However, more and more the versatility, usefullness, and now applications that make use a breeze have me considering a higher powered engine for my entertainment center. Can anyone say "new Mac Mini?" I know I can.

We have copies of iTap to give away tonight at 10pm est. To enter for one leave a comment of any sort in the forums. Please add (iTap) to the end of the comment’s title.