iToony- Review

On July 17, 2008

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iToony- Review

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By: Standard Widget Corp

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-16


Price: 2.99

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You know, I have a love/mediocre love relationship with this one. 

It is a really great idea and a fun tool for the iPhone but…

Think of it as "Wish you were here" iPostcards

or, depending on the "type" of pictures,

"Hi, You are being iBlackmailed" photos.

Yup, you could take pics from a party, add appropriate (or inapproriate) captions, and easily get carried away with this!

Once you have activated a quick and painless account with Flickr you can get started. Not before, however, since you need this account (unless you already have one) in order to email your photo creations.

Not a lot of options here… just bubbles for captions and a simple border option with color choices.  It’s simple and uncomplicated. Maybe too much, so since it would be more enjoyable if there were more options to manipulate your photos…..more border choices for special occasions….maybe even some humorous "props" to add to the photos.

Still, it’s fun and could easily be addicting. Like I said, I have a love/mediocre love with this app. Great idea, limited execution.

Quick Take

Overall Value: Better value at the new price of $2.99
Entertainment Value: Medium
Graphics: Basic
Level of Difficulty: Simple
Age Appropriate: Any Age (although that depends on HOW you use it)
Longevity: Sure, It’ll keep– especially if more options become available.
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Final Statement: Fun, inexpensive way to email photos with a fling.

Read the Developer's Notes:
iToony allows you to decorate and share your iPhone photos quickly and easily.  iToony uses simple gestures.  Want a speech bubble?  Draw a circle.  Want a caption?  Draw a straight line.  Swipe with two fingers to undo mistakes.- Quickly turn your favorite snapshot into a comic- Annotate photos with bubbles and captions- Draw, sketch and decorate in many colors- Move bubbles and captions around the photo- Flickr or Picasa support for sharing- Browse/decorate your Flickr and Picasa photos- Save to your library for more sharing optionsWith iToony, you'll be an iToonist in no time!O U R   T A K E . . .    

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