iTV As Netflix Queue Manager

On December 18, 2008

In the mist of writing reviews on the various iPhone applications for accessing and managing your Netflix queue, I have, thus far, focused on those applications that are specifically intended for Netflix (or in one case for Netflix and Blockbuster).

I would, however, be remiss if I didn’t also include mention of iTV which recently added access to your Netflix queue.

When you tap the "my media" button in the application you’re presented with the option to look at either  your physical DVD queue or your instant queue.  In addition, although the movie is already in your queue the application offers a number of other movies that you might consider. If one does interest you, you can add it to your queue by simply tapping the button in the upper right hand  corner that is, shockingly, marked "add to queue". The search feature lets you search the Netflix database and offers you the option to add those movies to your queue as well. And just as you can add movies to your queue you can also delete them with the "iPhone finger flick". You can even manage the order of your queue.

A really nice additional feature with the Netflix portion of this application is that in a detail page on any movie or TV show there are active links for both credits and details that when tapped present you with a host of information. Most notable, the details button lists but significant cast members and by tapping on any name all other movies and television programs that include that individual are brought up. You can then add those to your queue as well. It’s a nice "cross-reference" mode to find all of the movies with your favorite actor or buy your favorite director.

Best of all it’s part of the overall application rather than freestanding application.

Quick Take

Value:  High
Would I Buy Again: Great overall media app- YES (and… it is FREE)
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: TV and Movie buffs
What I like: Great overall app and nice implementation of Netflix aspect
What I Don’t:  Nothing really

Final Statement:  Great for looking at all aspects of TV and movies including Netflix

iTV is available for free HERE in the App Store.