iWordJuggle App Review for iPhone and iPad

On September 11, 2011

App Type: iPhone

iWordJuggle App Review for iPhone and iPad

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By: Roland Leth

Version #: 1.2

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Developer: By Roland Leth

Price: Free

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Okay, it’s not often that an app grabs me right from the word go. Or the word “orgue” as the case may be, as that is the very first word I picked to play this game with. (I’m afraid I had to look it up, but it means: “one of a number of long thick timbers pointed and shod with iron and formerly suspended over or in the vaulted passage behind a gateway to be let down in case of attack”) Not a bad word to start with!

Or is it? Because tactics, as much as word sense, is critical in this game. Here’s how it works: you pick three words from a random list of obscure words, made up of either four, five or six letters. These are put above one another and it’s up to you to make new words within the words you’ve picked. As many as you can, for as many points as you can. You really should try and figure out in advance whether a word will yield you any points before you pick it. Though it can also be such fun to just pick words that tickle your fancy and try and work with those. This is definitely going to be my go to game du jour, as it’s ideal for those minutes spent waiting for someone in a bar/shop/car. And I’m pretty sure my brain is less frazzled than it was, just because of the soothing fonts used and because there is no set time limit on how long you can just sit and ponder your next word. Thanks for that, really makes the experience a lot more soothing and less aggressive!

I was hooked within 30 seconds. This is an awesome game.
The app is very simple, easy to get started. One thing missing? A dictionary, so you can immediately look up crazy words such as “dryas”, “angor” and “bilby”….
Version 1.2 is already out with landscape support. We have 5 promo codes to give away, please write in the comment box which one you have redeemed.

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We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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