Jaadu Click – Review

On September 4, 2008

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Jaadu Click – Review

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By: Jahanzeb Sherwani

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2008-08-30


Price: 4.99

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Jaadu Click allows you to access your computers screen, move its mouse pointer around, and click on items.  The software used to cost $.99, but has recently been increased to $4.99.

First, I just want to say that the system works as advertised, and that all being said and done, if it were the only option for controlling your computer screen, it would probably be worth the $4.99 price tag.  Problem is though, its not the only choice.  Mocha VNC Lite does exactly the same thing as Jaadu Click and more, and it’s completely Free. So what does Jaadu do that Mocha doesn’t?  Not much, unless you count a slightly easier install process as a feature.

Setup for Jaadu Click was a breeze. I downloaded the App to the iPhone, went to my iMac’s preferences, selected the Sharing item, clicked on Screen Sharing, Clicked on Computer Settings, Selected VNC Users can control screen with password, and assigned a password. Then, i started up Jaadu Click, and it automatically found the avaliable computers on my network. After selecting the one I set up for screen sharing, the desktop appeared on my iPhone and i could move the mouse around and click on whatever i wanted on that computer.

I would have to say that setup of Jaadu Click was a little easier than Mocha, since I didn’t have to worry about the IP address and possibility of getting that wrong.  Also for anyone who doesnt have a static IP on their machines, this could potentially have caused a problem.

But with Mocha VNC, the free version allows me to scroll the whole screen, zoom in with the familiar iPhone finger gestures, and pan out to see the whole desktop (same with Jaadu Click).  I can move windows, click buttons, open apps, the whole deal.  The difference is that with Mocha if I rotate the iPhone the screen resets to landscape mode and if i want to type something in?  Full landscape keyboard!  Having a keyboard is key!!!  Especially if you want to do more than just move things around and click buttons.  This is where the $4.99 version of Jaadu Click falls short.

Quick Take

Overall Value: Save your $4.99 and get the Free Mocha VNC

Entertainment Value: Great way to control your Computer

Graphics: iPhone Display works great for this

Level of Difficulty: Super Easy (More so than Mocha VNC)

Age Appropriate: Any Age

Longevity: For as long as i owned an iPhone

Would I Buy Again: No.  I would get the Mocha VNC Free app

Final Statement: Save your money and go for the more powerful Free version of Mocha VNC, if you want to access your computer with keyboard (alt-cntrl-del for Windows users), and the full feature set, then spend the $25 and get the full version of Jaadu VNC.

Read the Developer's Notes:
(From the author of Touchpad Pro)
TELEPORT yourself to your computer from wherever you are are in the world. With its intuitive touchpad-like interface, Jaadu Click gives you full control of your computer's mouse, and provides a rich visual display of your computer screens, without any screen resolution limit.

Jaadu is currently the only application with AUTOMATED SETUP, for both local and" connect from anywhere "connectivity. If you would like to control the keyboard in addition to the mouse, and get access to arrow keys, function keys, and common macros (Ctrl-Alt-Del, copy, paste, quit), check out our flagship application Jaadu VNC.

Jaadu Click features:
* View the remote computer's entire screen
* Move the mouse, send clicks and right clicks, and two-finger zoom and scroll
* Control the mouse for any application on your Mac or Windows PC desktop from anywhere in the world
* Visit Flash-based websites from your iPhone (video/audio streaming is not supported)
* Access your computer's files from anywhere
* Advance PowerPoint slides while reading your presenter notes
* Control your media player from anywhere
* Use your iPhone as a wireless touchpad
* Supports Leopard Screen Sharing, Tiger Remote Desktop, and all Windows VNC servers: TightVNC, RealVNC, and UltraVNC.
* Supports VPN-based encryptionO U R   T A K E  .  .  .

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