JamPlay Guitar Pack for iPhone, iPad Review

On March 15, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

JamPlay Guitar Pack for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: JamPlay, LLC

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By JamPlay, LLC

Price: $1.99

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So you wanna learn to play guitar he? I did in the 90s. And that was a ‘slightly’ different experience than what you’ll be getting from JamPlay today. Instead of boring books and cassette tapes or (scratched) CDs, this app is a fantastic combination of libraries, exercises, reference libraries, utilities and entertainment. All in one, easy to use app.

The Lick & Riff library contains a plethora of blues & rock licks and blues riffs. Played at the intended speed, then slowly explained how to play them, this is a great video resource for anyone who wants to learn a few cool licks. With 85 videos to pick from there is plenty to play along. If this a bit over your head at first, try out the exercises; they’ll teach you how to build up timing and stamina by showing you how to do picking (fast & slow), chord progressions and right hand rhythm chops.

Once you practiced picking and a bunch of scales, you can jump right into the extensive scale library (42 scales!) and practice them until perfect; the app can let you hear the scales in different keys and shows a big graphic of the notes and frets involved in playing them. Are you more of a rhythm person; there are 1250+ chords on board for you to practice and use in your latest songs.

Last but not least; some 463 jamtracks you can play along with, a metronome for your time and, very handy for most, a guitar tuner which uses your iPhone mic to catch the pitch so you can get it *just right*.

This app is jampacked with goodies. Fair to say it’s mostly tuned towards shredders (most licks and rhythm videos are of the metal kind; great for me, maybe not for you). Still, there are plenty of goodies and this app is only $2 in the launch period. For that money, it’s a steal!

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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