JejuOlleGuide for iPad Review

On April 11, 2011

App Type: iPad

JejuOlleGuide for iPad Review

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By: airr interactive

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There are loads of people who never come close to boiling an egg and still have their kitchen shelves stuffed with elaborate cookbooks. They just enjoy reading about food, rather than cooking, or even eating it, themselves. In the same token, there are droves of people who have bookcases, and these days their smart phones, stacked with travel guides to the most exotic locations. Again, the odds of them going, say, backpacking through Eastern Cambodia, are slim to none, but it’s so much fun to read and imagine yourself there. The JejuOlleGuide, a walking guide to a small Southern Korean island could be just the ticket for these arm chair travelers!

Jeju is a small island of the South Korean coast Olle is a series of hiking trails along the coast. The JejuOlleGuide app describes a hiking tour across this bijou island. Talk about a niche! Juju isn’t the most exciting little island on the planet either. There a beautiful pictures of horses and palm trees, but also rather standard beach shots that could have been taken anywhere.

The app is easy to use, and it looks fun. There are small texts about the island and its culture in three different languages. Jeju Olle also provides interactive maps. All in all, it’s a great little app, if you’re hiking across Juju. Or simply enjoy imagining yourself there.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars

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