Jelly Review – New Social Media Powerhouse On The Block

On April 29, 2014

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Jelly Review – New Social Media Powerhouse On The Block

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By: Jelly Industries, Inc.

Version #: 1.1.1

Date Released: 20140405

Developer: Jelly Industries, Inc.

Price: Free

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It’s never easy to create a new social media platform, especially with the very many we already have that leaves us spoilt for choice. But pretty much every social media platform involves showing off something; your thoughts, your opinions, your photos, essentially showing off snippets of your life. Jelly provides something different, placing emphasis on interaction rather than content itself.

Jelly allows for users to ask and answer questions delivered through its beautifully designed platform. Visiting a new town and not sure of what to eat or where to visit? No problem at all. Simply snap a picture, upload it, and ask away. Chanced upon something intriguing and want to find out more? Sure thing, take a picture and ask the community.

I’m a huge social media fan, and thus apps like this are welcomed with open arms by me. And it’s especially rewarding to know that I actually benefit from my posts, beyond the meaningless banter that transcends through most social media postings.

Answering questions is quite a joy too; rightfully so, for who would answer if it were a pain to do so? The best part of this app lies in how it adapts to circumstances. Should a person not be able answer a question posed to him, he has the ability to re-route that question to his friends. As they say, more minds make a better thinker, and this allows for a better chance of getting the question answered.

I can see how Jelly would fit into the lifestyles of users spanning across different ages. I for one, could do with the convenience. Work brings me places, and sometimes I’m stuck in a foreign land without much background knowledge. With Jelly, enquiries are simply a few taps away.

A 7 year old kid could use the app to expand upon his innate curiosity. If he chances upon a cool new beetle he has never seen before, he could snap a picture and seek the opinions of his peers.

I am quite impressed by the way Jelly has designed its layout. The problem with most of such apps would be that they tend to overcomplicate things, choosing over the top templates that really serve no other purpose than to annoy the living daylights out of users. But Jelly‘s sleek design is pleasing to the eye, the color scheme complements the texture and flow of the whole user process. Navigation is a breeze thanks to the well thought out placement and attention to details, which leads to a very pleasant user experience indeed.

Jelly opens up doors to many different possibilities. Truly harnessing the reach of social media, it calls for effective and efficient use of these platforms. I hope for Jelly to increase in popularity in the days to come, because a larger audience base would mean a higher chance for questions to be answered. This is one social media platform that will potentially prove to have a positive impact on our society, beyond the meaningless gossip-mongering and selfishness that seem to ravage all other platforms of today.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Social media users of all ages

What I Like:This is quite an innovative idea and concept

What I Don't Like:There isn't an established enough user base; this will take time

Final Statement:I forsee this app to be the next big thing

Read the Developer's Notes:
Jelly is a better way to ask a question with photos, maps, friends, and more. It's also people helping each other—something that's both meaningful and fun.??


- Ask questions with images, maps, and locations to deepen the context. Crop, reframe, zoom, and draw on your images to get more specific.

- Answer map questions by dropping a pin for a specific location. Answer photo questions by drawing them. Answer any question by attaching a link.

- Jelly routes questions using your existing social network connections and location.

- Questions can be forwarded outside the app so your friends who don't have Jelly can still help. It feels good to help!

- Collect Thank You cards for helping others.

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