Jetpack Jinx Review – The addiction jinx strikes again

On October 29, 2013

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Jetpack Jinx Review – The addiction jinx strikes again

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By: Bubblegum Interactive

Version #: 1.1.1

Date Released: 2013-01-08

Developer: Jetpack Jinx Support

Price: Free

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Climbing up the sky is a familiar theme, thanks to popular titles like Doodle JumpFroggy LauncherMega Jump etc. And now, Bubblegum Interactive tries their concept of the same, with Jetpack Jinx.

This flightless alien bird falls to earth from his spaceship and gets swallowed by a plant. He uses the jetpack to launch free but needs gems as the fuel. So shoot towards the space collecting rubies, emeralds and diamonds till you make it to the outer space.

Don’t worry because it’s not a straight trip, as checkpoints are formed along the way and you can fall back to them whenever you fail. Running out of fuel is not your only concern as stinging bees, giant birds, evil bats and falling meteors can also kindle your free fall. You aren’t quite the weakling either since power-ups, like potions turning you into hulk, helmets protecting from obstacles and a side-kick attacking for you, help your get through. The magic hat opens a gem room and you can go nuts in it.

Your cruise starts from underground caves, through the forests, mountains, sky and finally the space and each of them forms a checkpoint. Various missions like travel 1000m without hitspickup 2 helmets, bounce off 3 enemies etc appear and are worth coins. They can be used to upgrade pickups, buy single use items like boosts, reserve fuel etc and also to customize your bird.

Controls are accelerometer only and it seems to be too sensitive; an option to configure sensitivity would be appreciated. The graphic effects like the cute expressions of the birdie, the power-ups and the sparkling gems are awesome. In a nutshell, the addictive gameplay and the pleasing execution makes them worth a spot in our top charts.

Update: Jetpack Jinx has been updated with several great new features. While still being completely free, now you can challenge friends, and play against each other, even taunt your pals for a game. World Championship, lots of goodies to purchase in the shop (as gifts or for yourself!) and many tweaks and fixes. Grab it!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Simple.

Who Is It For:Anyone with a flexible wrist!

What I Like:The concept of checkpoints.

What I Don't Like:Too sensitive accelerometer controls.

Final Statement:A must have for endless game addicts.

Read the Developer's Notes:
BLAST OFF FOR ADVENTURE! Help Jetpack Jinx fly to space.
The mischievous Jinx has crash landed on a mysterious planet... He’s gotta get back to his Starship before his boss, the dastardly Lord Shadowbot finds out he’s gone! Strap on your jetpack, blast off and make your way through insanely addictive levels of pure fun in the awesome new game from Bubble Gum Interactive.
? Play for FREE!
? Epic Levels of Insane Fun!
? Outrageous Obstacles!
? Wicked Upgrades and Super Sidekicks!
? Awesome Power Ups!
? Unlock Achievements and rewards!
? No ads!
READY FOR ADVENTURE? Jetpack Jinx is easy-to-play but hard-to-master. Have you got what it takes to help Jinx soar back into Orbit?

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