Jott for iPhone – Review

On July 20, 2008

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Jott for iPhone – Review

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By: Jott Networks

Version #: 1.02

Date Released: 2008-07-09


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I am posting reviews of both Jott and reQall on the same day since both bring the same power and function, but in slightly different packages.

I am posting this at the top of both reviews because both are fantastic applications/services. The question in choosing one over the other is not “Which is better?”, but rather, “Which works best for my particular needs and style?”

I love Jott. I can’t be any more direct and clear than that. I love Jott.

I loved it when it was first released and I have loved it more and more as the service has matured. My biggest concern with Jott is that I have become so dependent on it.  I am fearful that when it comes out of Beta the pricing structure will be deadly.  Since I am so dependent on it I will have to sign up anyway.

Ah, but this is a review of Jott on the iPhone, not a catalogue of my many neurosis.  So, here it goes…

I was thrilled to see an iPhone resident app for Jott available in the App Store on launch day. I excitedly loaded it. I was quickly disappointed by the degree of “bugginess” in the initial release. Jott for iPhone has since been updated twice in the last week. It’s now working fine and all I can say is “Wow!”.

The interface is simple, clear and intuitive. The five tabs at the bottom navigate the entire application.

The “record” tab brings you to a screen with the image of an old reel-to-reel tape deck. A bit on the cutsy side, but it does make the point. Tap anywhere on the screen, the reels begin to spin and the device begins to record your speech. Tap again, it stops recording and sends the recording to Jott for transcription.

Unfortunately, not only does the same 15 second recording limit that existed with the original/call-in version still apply, but there is no “Pause” function. When you tap the second time the recording is done and is sent directly to Jott for transcription. No ifs, ands or buts.

The second tab brings up all prior Jotts. This is an awesome feature, as it allows the user to return to prior Jotts with ease. It did, however, prompt me to finally clean up my Jott in-box for the first time. It was, admittedly, embarassingly overflowing and disorganized, but the new app has a solution for that too.

An alpha button brings up a sheet for adding a new note by hand.

On a great note- the notes in Jott for iPhone are fully “editable”.  This is a “Wow!” feature that puts Jott over the top as a usable tool.

A swipe of a finger over a note puts a line through it. A tap on a note opens it and offers the option to file or delete it. The default folders are “Home” and “Work”, but Jott’s web interface allows you to edit, add or delete whatever folders you like. This is a great organizational feature for storing notes in an accessible manner and it deserves more attention brought to it.

Speaking of features that deserve more attention…

…at the bottom of the screen, when any note is open, is a small right-facing arrow. Call it the “magic button” if you will because… tap it and you hear the original recording that was sent to Jott. It’s a nice added feature when using a transcription service that is good but not always perfect.

There is one final thing that makes Jott an absolute knockout- the notes are resident on the device. Let me write that again… unlike Evernote, the notes in Jott are resident on the device itself and are therefore accessible when no data connection is available.

Moreover, you can edit notes even when the device is off.  So long as you remember to SAVE the edited and newly created note, it will be synced back in the new version once a data connection is available.  Let me write that again- unlike the current versions of reQall and Evernote, the notes in Jott are fully “editable”. This give Jott a clear advantage over them AND over the web app version of Jott itself.

Offline and “editable” notes- that is one powerful combination and it makes Jott- awesome!


Quick Take:

Incredibly, remarkably high
Would I Buy Again: Currently free so… Yes. And, I would use it if I had to pay.
Learning Curve: Low for basic functionality. A bit higher for full functionality.
Who is it for: Anybody who is on the run, but needs the ability to make and access notes
What I like: Everything
What I Don’t: A bit of a lag in the interface currently
What’s Missing/Needs Improvement: Speed of UI changing could be a bit better, but this is a minor issue.

Final Statement: After a brief flirtation with reQall, I am back using Jott. It’s an amazing service and the iPhone App adds to it tremendously.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Jott for iPhone is the ultimate mobile notepad that turns your voice into notes. Capture your to-dos as quickly as you can say "Get strawberries for dessert." We transcribe your voice into text and place the resulting notes in your lists. When you complete items, just cross them off with a swipe of your finger.

All of your lists are backed up on, where you can manage them when you are at your computer. For existing Jott customers, your lists and notes will load after you've downloaded the app (may take a minute if you have a lot).

For customers new to Jott, this app just scratches the surface of what you can do with Jott and your voice. Once you download the app, you can also use Jott's phone-based service by simply calling (866) JOTT-123 from the mobile phone number you provide at sign-up. This number is both your Jott username, and the number we use to recognize you when you call. Add the Jott number to your Favorites, and when you call you'll be able to send emails and text messages with your voice (set up your contacts online first). The email address you provide at login will be your "reply-to" address for those emails. You'll also be able to add appointments to your Google Calendar, post updates to Twitter, shop and more -- all with your voice.

Go to and click "How to Jott" at the top to learn more. We hope you enjoy Jott for iPhone and the other apps that are sure to follow (stay tuned). Check out the "What's New" area below for information about the latest release.

Privacy: Your information will never be sold or shared. Jott's Privacy Policy is available in the footer of every page on O U R   T A K E . . .

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