Just Shoot Me App Review for iPad, iPhone

On September 1, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

Just Shoot Me App Review for iPad, iPhone

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By: SangHyun Lee

Version #: 1.1.5

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Developer: By BeTheOne

Price: $0.99

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Any game that makes use of the iOS motion control has to walk a fine line between a fun immersion into the game and an annoying control scheme. While a handful of games have mastered the completely motion controlled aspects, I think it is the games using a hybrid of motion and swipe control that offer a good balance for a mobile platform. BeTheOne, a small time developer seems to have a good handle on the motion control issue with there latest game, Just Shoot Me.

Just Shoot Me is a reaction game that challenges you to hit a increasingly more difficult set of targets with a crossbow. You control this crossbow by placing your finger on the screen and using it to move left and right while tilting the device moves you up and down. When I write it out it certainly seems like it would a cumbersome way to control a target shooting game, but in fact, I found the controls to be spot on, allowing the player to quickly get the hang of firing. The targets you are shooting are standard bulls eye targets being carried by, strangely enough, a pelican. Each round you pass gives you an increasingly larger score to reach. Therefore, even when you reach your score for a round, you must try and increase you lead on the next round’s goal.

The game offers six habitats in which the bird fly in various patterns to make hitting your target more challenging, and the Open Feint score boards will keep you bumping out the bolts to reach the next level. If head to head action is your cup of tea, Just Shoot Me also offers a competitive mode via bluetooth where you are a friend can go head to head to be the first to reach a score. In practice I found this mode to work just fine as long as you were both in the vicinity.

With a control scheme that makes this game easy to play even on the go, Just Shoot Me can proven that with quality graphics, and an addictive game play, even the smaller developers can show the big boys a thing or two. The developer has stated that they plan to erase more updates, and I hope they add in some more variety with different weapons or techniques. If you like a casual reaction game and have a buck to spare I would definite recommend this particular gem for your time killing game of choice.

One last thing. What is up with that pelican’s eyes?

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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