Koi Pond – Review

On August 9, 2008

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Koi Pond – Review

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By: Brandon Bogle

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-30


Price: 0.99

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I know I should be writing… "it costs a  buck… it doesn’t DO anything… don’t waste your money".

I know I should be writing that… but I can’t… I can’t because for some reason I really really like this app.

Welcome to your virtual koi pond right on your iPhone.

Three koi swim slowly as the water above them shimmers. It is really quite nice…even peaceful.

Touch the water and you get a nice sound of… splashing water. 

Touch the water and the water responds the way it would if you were touching real water. (It is pretty amazing.)

Touch the water and the koi dart away. Keep touch the water and they stay away.

Swirl your finger and the sound of splashing continues and the water actually responds the way it would if you were swirling in real water.

Stop splashing and the koi eventually start to swim back.

That’s it- but after a couple of minutes of it I felt much more at peace. Seriously.

There are ten different settings that allow you to change the color, the number of fish and whether or not there are lilies floating in the water. Oh, and the lilies respond to touch as well. 

As I said, I don’t know why I like this app so much but… I really do.


Quick Take

Value: Hard to say. The dollar could be better spent elsewhere but… I really like it.
Would I Buy Again: I would
Learning Curve: Zero
Who is it for: Anyone who loves koi, wants a nice calming image on their screen for less than $999 (ala the "I Am Rich" app)
What I like: Calming. Neat how the water responds so realistically
What I Don’t: It isn’t free
Final Statement: I like it.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Clear your mind.

Imagine gazing into a pond of crystal clear water.

Picture bright, playful koi swimming through its shallow depths.

So close... Can you touch them?

You run your fingers across the cool surface of the pond.

Water ripples away from your touch.

The koi, disturbed, dart away.

Only to quickly forget and swim close to you once more...

Now imagine all this on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Koi Pond by The Blimp Pilots


- Touch Reactive

- Dynamic Water Simulation

- Virtual Fish

- Display Options
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