Krashlander Review – And now for something completely different!

On March 1, 2013

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Krashlander Review – And now for something completely different!

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By: Farseer Games LLC

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2013-02-07

Developer: Farseer Games LLC

Price: 0.99

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I have something for simple sketchy graphics in games. Somehow, a great game shines with simpler graphics (as great samples go, give a look to Another World, Lunarcy, Canabalt or Gunman Clive.) Krashlander follows, delivering a complex gameplay stemming from barebones graphics.

The back story of Krashlander is not that deep. The planet has been overrun and destroyed by evil, unmoving robots and you are avenging its death, as the last of the Krashlanders, a elite force of… guys with skis and a krashsuit. Put in other ways, you go and throw yourself against these robots, in a vein quite similar to Angry Birds. The similarity ends here though.

What sets Krashlander aside from similar games is its control scheme. Borrowed from the Flash game Ski Stunt Simulator, you can control your skier with just your thumb. Choosing the position of the body by sliding your finger, you can get him to jump, roll and accelerate, in a quite impressive feat of animated physics.

Currently the game has 2 “worlds,” one dubbed blue (the easy one) and another one green (the hard one.) All levels involve the same problem: control your skier from start until you rock down the robots at the end of the field. It may sound easy, but the levels are very hard (even the easy ones set you for quite a few surprises if you want to get the 3 stars of a perfect kill.) Basically you are a hair’s width away of moving your thumb in the wrong spot.

The developer is working on more levels for a forthcoming update, and I’m pretty sure he will deliver. Oh, almost forgot. Krashlander was initially deployed on Windows Phones, so the menu scheme will look kind of special. Instead of the usual iOS styled stuff, you’ll see the squarish buttons of a Metro based interface. Which I found cool for a change.

In short: At 0.99$ this is a steal of a game. Go buy it right now.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Definitely

Learning Curve:Huge

Who Is It For:Gamers, basically :D

What I Like:Tough controls, stylish design

What I Don't Like:Tough controls. Yes, I also like it. Go figure

Final Statement:Great one

Read the Developer's Notes:
Krashlander is a physics powered game that will have you blasting down large mountain slopes and soaring over gaping crevices to attack the evil robots that destroyed your world.


The controls for Krashlander are unique and require some practice to perfect. While in my mind they are definitely worth taking the time to learn, they are not for everyone.
If learning a new control mechanic is not something that interests you this game may not be a good fit.
That said, the learning can be part of the fun. The crashes can be epic and fun to watch and if you approach the game with the right mind-set I don't think you will be disappointed.

-Jeff Weber (Developer of Krashlander)


Cool game - Challenging! ?????
"This game utilizes the most unique control scheme I've ever seen. It's also the most skillful and precise I have played on the iPad. This game is challenging but if you give it a chance it is very rewarding. At first it seems hard to control but becomes easier with time. Once you master it there's nothing quite like it." by S.Grits

Innovative controls  ?????
"Great app, takes a solid amount of time to perfect but is a lot of fun when you do." by Jonathan Opara

Great game! ?????
"Original, fun, challenging, addicting and beautiful. Great game!" by poehneltj


-A fluid and precise physics-based control mechanic borrowed from an awesome, old abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator.

-A crazy amount of epic rigid-body style crashing can be expected.

-A dedicated one-man development team with a notebook full of update ideas. This first release is very much just the beginning.


Evil robots from another planet have destroyed your world.
Revenge is your mission.
Your krashsuit is your weapon.

The story behind Krashlander is short and not so sweet. You play as the last remaining human, once a member of an elite force of Krashlanders.

As a Krashlander, you wear protective a krashsuit, ski down mountains, and crash into things. The krashsuit is your weapon. It is also, with it’s ability to protect and heal, your savior.

As the last remaining Krashlander, now simply going by the name Krashlander, your only mission is to exact revenge on the robots that destroyed your world.


The learning curve for the Krashlander control system, if plotted on a graph, would very closely align with the learning curve for riding a bike. When you first learned to ride a bike, you were probably pretty wobbly and over-steered a lot. You probably also fell on your bum often. Eventually, though, it all just clicked and became second nature.

Krashlander is a lot like this. If you get to the point where it "clicks", I think you will be impressed with what you can do and the feeling you get while doing it.

Have fun and krash well!

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