LA Times: Award-Winning Journalism Even Without A Connection

On November 1, 2010

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LA Times: Award-Winning Journalism Even Without A Connection

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There are many people who read the Los Angeles Times each day, and for them the LA Times app is a natural addition to their mobile device. It provides up to the minute news along with high-quality content exclusive to the regular publication, and will remain updated and accessible even without any sort of connectivity.

When you have the LA Times app loaded to your mobile device you will be able to read the entire current edition, plus see all of the updated content as well. The reader is able to determine the actual order of the various sections to facilitate their use of the app, and can even turn off sections of no interest to them. When something catches their eye, or has significance to them, they can add it to their Favorites, and the content is saved to the device permanently. This includes stories and photographs too. All materials can be shared trough email or social networking sites, and the app will always function regardless of the connection status. This means that all saved materials and the most recently updated copy of the paper will be available anywhere.

There are many news-based apps, but the LA Times app is designed exclusively for fans of this major publication.

The app works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch device.

The cost for the app is $1.99 and all updates are made available at no additional expense.

When you need high-quality journalism and photojournalism, the LA Times app is an ideal choice to download right away.

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