Le Vamp Review – A reason to love vampires

On May 20, 2013

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Le Vamp Review – A reason to love vampires

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By: High Voltage Software

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2013-05-02

Developer: Le Vamp Support

Price: 0.99

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Lately, a lot has changed in Apple’s app featuring methods and it’s been a boon for people like me. It’s become real easy to find awesome apps like Le vamp. So lets cut open Le Vamp.

Little Le Vamp has skipped his bed time to go to the outskirts and enjoy some pig blood. This surely has made daddy vampire real mad, but meanwhile, the villagers aren’t amused either. They start chasing him down.

If you have a folder named endless runners, Le Vamp is sure to be a long time neighbour of Temple Run and Subway Surfers. But when I say this, don’t think that Le Vamp is just a traced out version of these games. In fact, they have nothing in common.

To start with, unlike others, we don’t control the hero in the game, but his surroundings. What? Yeah, I can explain. Our little vamp is running the infinite runner and we won’t touch the guy. We touch and manipulate objects around him so that he can have a long and unrestricted run.

All this running surely makes Le Vamp thirsty. Replenish energy by swiping pigs for him to devour but make sure to avoid the garlic pigs. Water slows him down so cut down branches from the tree to make a bridge. Tap on Halloween pumpkins, pull up Spudzies and slash Le Wurst to make way for Le Vamp. Oh, I forgot to mention that Le Vamp is allergic to sunlight or probably you already knew. Make your index finger a shade for Le Vamp and on that note, it is harder than it seems.

Why make your run go to waste when you can pick up some money on the way? Tap the Francs to collect them. Le vamp fits in the recent popular template of completing missions and climbing up in levels, which again awards you Francs. Power ups, charms and clothes can be bought from the inventory using them.

With the amazing animations, fluid controls, sensible gestures and the apt sound effects, Le vamp is the best as it gets. If you love uniqueness and appreciate innovation, Le Vamp is your thing.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Endless runner game lovers

What I Like:The unique concept

What I Don't Like:Get too hard, too quick

Final Statement:Help the baby vampire

Read the Developer's Notes:
"Le Vamp is a charming, clever runner worth checking out." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5)
HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR AFTERLIFE! Offering a macabre mix of cartoony and cadaverous, Le Vamp's world is brilliantly (re)animated and scarily simple to learn!

Escaping into the night, Le Vamp has managed to upset all the important citizens of France, from mimes to hunchbacks to baguette-wielding gendarmes. As the angry mob pursues our lovable ghoul into the frightful daylight, it’s your job to protect him from sun, running water and mortal foes. Help Le Vamp return safely to his crypt, and gather coins along the way to upgrade his dark powers, or feed him Blood Pigs to keep his healthy, pale complexion!

Only your swift flicks and monstrously nimble taps can protect this cute vamp from the evils of sunlight, garlicky pigs, and countless enemies in this fast-paced game of tiny terror on the French terroir:

•UNDEADLY CHALLENGES - Nine hideously adorable enemies and hazards block Le Vamp's fun, including Le Wurst and the dreaded Pumpkin Pile
•DIGITAL FUN - Wield your finger to cut, yank, smash, block, fling and destroy
•SUMMON DARK POWERUPS - Take advantage of black magic like Sunblock, Jitterbeans, and Hypnosis to help Le Vamp overcome obstacles
•UPROARIOUS UPGRADES - Cash in your francs to outfit Le Vamp with Bacon Cologne, Super Fingers and more
•ACHIEVEMENTS - Conquer missions and beat the living daylights out of friends on multiple social networks!


"We'll stop short of calling Le Vamp revolutionary, but it's one of the more imaginative endless running titles to appear on iPhone and iPad." - Gametrailers

"Between the colorful art style, adorable lead character and more challenging mechanics, Le Vamp is a delightful addition to any smartphone or tablet." - USA Today (3.5/4)

"Le Vamp is a low cost game, but the quality of the overall package belies it, and it could easily be sold for more money." - Gaming Illustrated (82/100)

Enjoy more Le Vamp!

•Google+ www.goo.gl/G3BAz
•Website - https://high-voltage.com

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