Lettera – Review

On October 9, 2008

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Lettera – Review

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By: Lettera

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-25


Price: 1.99

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Lettera is the most feature rich of the current offerings available on the app store.  It allows you to select both “paper“ texture, and color.  You can choose from the colors Lavendar, Spindrift, Honeydew, Salmon, Banana, and more.  You can also choose from textures such as Lined, Plain, Marble and others.  In addition, you can share your notes as PDFs, choose between a Latin and US keyboard, and hear it sound just like a manual typewriter as you use it.

Lettera is unique since it does not use the standard iPhone/iPod Touch keyboard.  Instead it uses a replica of an old manual typewriter.

Unfortunately, Lettera is also not very ”user-friendly“.  The keys are remarkably difficult to hit properly and the app does not appear to make use of the iPhone’s predictive text.  Any app that does not use predictive text is a no-go for me as I rely heavily on it.

Quick Take

Value:  Low
Would I Buy Again:  No 
Learning Curve:  Low
Who is it for:  Not me and I would not recommend it for you
What I like:  Flexible and unique
What I Don’t:
  Almost impossible to type well due to the setup of the keyboard and lack of predictive text.

Final Statement:  This is a creative idea that sadly falls short in the usability department.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Enjoy old-fashioned writing on your iPhone and iPod Touch, with this replica of an Italian modern design classic. Type on a full-sized keyboard, send your friends and co-workers beautiful, elegant notes with a touch of personality.


- Touch-type your notes on the screen
- Enjoy the typewriter sound effects
- Use the iPhone accelerometer to start a new line
- Share your notes as beautifully formatted PDF pages
- Choose among different paper textures and colours
- Use your notes to compose emails in Mail application
- Choose between US and Latin keyboard
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