LifeTopix Review – For the obsessive compulsive anywhere

On December 24, 2012

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LifeTopix Review – For the obsessive compulsive anywhere

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By: LightArrow

Version #: 5.1.1.

Date Released: 2012-03-15

Developer: LightArrow

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LifeTopix is for those that really want Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes or such a similar program on their iPad or iPhone. At least, the set up for the app is very similar. However, LifeTopix actually does more than that. It’s the ultimate organization tool.

In this app, you can log many different types of activities. You can log your exercise routines, your classes and education, home payments and many others. Basically, any organization activity you can think of, LifeTopix has a category for it. Naturally, you can add custom categories for anything in LifeTopix that isn’t a list yet.

LifeTopix also has such old chestnuts as its own mailbox, calendar and contacts (it can access your iDevice calendar and contacts with permission), which is kind of like the applications I mentioned a few paragraphs ago.

Due to its complexity, it’s not easy to figure out at first. Simply wading through the many topics for categorization could take a while. However, I found that once you familiarized yourself, it was quite logical and simple to use.

LifeTopix reminds me of one of those “many apps in one” programs that dot the landscape of the App Store. In this case, the app is a specific set of functions for those who are either in business or just anal-retentive.

LifeTopix is usually $5 but the price is currently discounted to a buck. The best moment to pick it!
If you’re the sort that writes down every little thing you have to do in order to create a checklist, now’s the time to get this app.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Possibly.

Learning Curve:Medium-High.

Who Is It For:Business people or those that need organization.

What I Like:Good interface. Lots of functionality.

What I Don't Like:Difficult to learn.

Final Statement:If you need organization, get LifeTopix.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Everything is in one place with Life­Topix™ — a complete app for superior productivity and life organization. Whether you are a parent, professional, or a productivity hero, it is simple enough for your daily lists, notes, tasks, and more — and powerful enough for your most challenging home and work projects.

Promotional price ends soon!


In life, everything is related — your finances, health, workouts, shopping lists, assets, service providers, and so on. So why would you use disconnected apps to manage all of these things? LifeTopix brings everything together that matters to you — into one place — replacing multiple apps.

12 intelligently designed topics satisfy even the most organized amongst us. Manage projects and tasks; track services and service providers; maintain shopping lists; track events like birthday parties; coordinate travel; log health metrics; track finances and assets; manage photos, videos, audio clips; access online files, passwords; and much more.

GTD® enthusiasts - organize like a pro. It is much more than a simple task, note taking, or checklist app.


Stay on task easily with a cleverly designed, easy-to-read Home view showing what’s today, tomorrow, and the near future. See tasks, appointments and to-do lists all in one place. Alerts make sure you miss nothing.

Utilize a beautiful and powerful master calendar and individual calendars for events, tasks, trips, visitors, expenses, and payments. Filtering lets you decide what you want to see on your calendars. Device calendar integration enables interaction with the appointments and events on your iOS Calendar, or other online calendars. It is the best daily planner you can find.


If you are a fan of Evernote, Dropbox, online drives/docs, or Toodledo, you can use your online tasks and files in LifeTopix. It also works with your iOS Calendar and Reminders apps so you can lever­age all this infor­ma­tion with­out any extra effort. You can launch iOS apps, relevant web pages, and HTML5 apps in LifeTopix.


LifeTopix is a universal app, and iCloud sync keeps all iOS devices in sync with the latest data. Buy LifeTopix once and use on every iOS device. Use the free companion app, LifeTopix AirAccess™, which is a pow­er­ful and effi­cient desk­top client that allows you to con­nect wire­lessly from your Mac to Life­Topix run­ning on your device.


- Share and Collaborate - works with Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text Message
- See What’s Near Me
- Device Reminders, Local Notifications
- Quick Add and Log (Items, Health and Activity)
- Hot List - bookmark your favorite LifeTopix views/items
- Search - easily find things in LifeTopix
- Security - set a passcode so your data is secure
- Backups - backup your data on Dropbox or via email from any device
- Online Help


When we say that we value our customers, we really mean it. We respond to every submission received by our support team ([email protected]). We are totally committed to our users’ complete satisfaction. And we encourage communication at from any web page or publicly through social media! See for yourself at

Never give up on us - we will never give up on you. If you have an issue, give us a chance to resolve it — you will be pleasantly surprised! If you’re happy with us, please give us a good review.


"Hugely Productive!" ????? "Score: 9/10! — 148Apps
“LifeTopix is truly a lifesaver and I would recommend this app to anyone.” — Simply Real Moms
“Life­Topix is a rare find. It promises every­thing — AND ACTUALLY DELIVERS.” — AppCraver
“Your search for a complete solution ends here.” — iPhoneFootPrint
"Integrate everything that you have in your life into one app!" — DailyAppShow
What's new

NOTE: Always perform an online or email backup from LifeTopix Settings before applying updates.
Defect fixes, including fixes for orientation, authentication persistence video playback.
Usability improvements in shopping, completed task strikethrough

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