Line Rider iRide – Review

On September 15, 2008

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Line Rider iRide – Review

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By: inXile Entertainment

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-15


Price: 2.99

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As we posted recently, LineRider for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been ported to the iPhone. It was released early this morning and initial play with it shows it to be… a whole lot of fun. (If LineRider itself is a mystery to you you can learn all about it here.)

I had some concerns with how it would port to the iPhone from a desktop with a mouse and now I know- it not only works well but it works as well or better than on a desktop. While the small size of the iPhone’s screen is an issue, the app itself works great. I remember when LineRider first appeared some time back. It was a basic program that took the web by storm. You could draw lines and let the sledrider ride down them but that was about it. Well, the iPhone version is lightyears ahead of that!

The instructions are excellent and the varioous "tools" for creating the rider’s path are rather full featured. Some screen caps might better explain it…

The result is the ability to draw some amazingly complex line-rides or, if you are like me, some overly simplistic, ugly lines that ultimately lead to the linerider’s untimely demise.

LineRider is available now and I highly recommend it!


Quick Take

Value:  High! At $2.99 this will give you hours of creative fun
Would I Buy Again:  In a heartbeat
Learning Curve: Low to High (depending on how quickly you want to kill your rider!)
Who is it for:  Everyone
What I like:  Works great, looks great, full featured EXCELLENT Help menus
What I Don’t:   Nothing (except I still stink at making decent rides!)

Final Statement:  LineRider works great on the iPhone. LineRider plays great on the iPhone. LineRider is super! 

Read the Developer's Notes:
You draw it! Bosh rides it! A simple concept yields endless fun and now the smash Internet phenomenon comes to your iPhone and iPod touch with cool new community features!

In Line Rider you draw a track with a simple pencil tool then send Bosh on his sled careening down the course until he wipes out! Create a landscape with as many ramps, hills, and jumps as you can imagine. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and the physics of a boy on a sled.
Now with Line Rider iRide you also get track sharing! Upload your masterpieces to share with the iPhone community! Download and rate tracks made by others! Browse by categories of“Most Recent” and “Top Rated” or search by author and track name. Also check out new features including Draw&Pan, Gravity Tilt and Night Ride!O U R   T A K E . . .

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