Little Chef

On August 23, 2008

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Little Chef

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By: Kevin Donnelly

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-16


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"Honey, all the teaspoons are in the dishwasher and I need three tablespoons… what was that conversion again??" Okay, I’m not THAT pitiful but, sadly, it is pretty close. As a chef she knows this stuff as well as she knows that 2+2=4. Me, I have to stop and think about it or look to her for help.
That’s where Little Chef comes in. Little Chef is a no frills app that does the job. The graphics are simple, the functionality minimalist. All you do is choose the type of measure you need to convert, as well as the measure you are converting to. In put the first… get the second.

Little Chef originally had a problem fit for a Big Chef- when going from teaspoon to tablespoon the conversion units were wrong. Oooops.
A recent update fixed that little tiny issue.

Little Chef is free and it gets the job done (correctly now). If you a good at making conversions in your head- good for you. There’s no need to take the time to download Little Chef. It you are anything like me, though, it is worth keep around.

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Nil
Who is it for: Anyone who doesn’t remember conversion units or do numbers in your head
What I like: Simple and works
What I Don’t: For an app like this to originally have inaccurate conversion units doesn’t do much to instill confidence in the app.

Final Statement: Now that the conversions are correct it is a good app and worth having around.

Read the Developer's Notes:
A simple kitchen units converter. Effortlessly put in a value, choose the units, and instantly you get the conversation. With over 18 different measurements, including US and UK values, you will never be scratching your head again thinking "How many cups are in a quart" ? Now get back to cooking!

The answer is four, by the way.

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