Live Poker – Review

On November 20, 2008

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Live Poker – Review

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By: Live Poker

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A few weeks ago, as I was watching Casino Royale on Cinemax, I got frustrated thinking about the fact that I had no idea what was going on.  That is, I understood that James Bond was out to take out another bad guy in order to save the world, but I was baffled when the actual butt-kicking was taking place.  How I to know what was was going on if I did not know how poker was played?  Sure, I knew when to silently cheer inside me when it seemed Bond was winning, but apart from that, I sat bemused in front of my television screen waiting for a look of victory to dominate Bond’s face.  To my surprise, the App Store found a way, once again, to help me with my woes.  Live Poker is an online poker application that allows you to play with iPhone owners all over the world, all the time, allowing you to take your time to learn the game if you haven’ already.

Suffice to say, I am obsessed with Live Poker. 

Whenever I am not busying myself with schoolwork, I find that my fingers are hard at work at the betting wheel in Live Poker.  The premise is very simple, as all you have to do is create a profile once you install the application, and you are ready to bet.  Of course, the $1,000 bonus chips you get each day you play help you get started, but after that, it is up to you what to do with them. 

You get to choose what kind of table you would like, and the amount of money in play, but if you are a risk taker, observing others play is all it takes to learn the intricacies of poker.  If you have confidence in the two cards you are dealt by the house, bet away by touching the “Call” button, or raise your bet if you think you are going to win with the “Raise” button.  If you do not believe your cards will win you a game, you press the “Fold” button, and you sit out until a new game is dealt.

Of course there are different ways to win a game, whether you manage to get a pair or two, three of a kind, same suit, etc., with the River cards and yours combined.  Or you can bluff your way to a victory with no winning cards at all by attempting to get others to fold by raising your bet (or garnering yourself an excellent reputation).  All this can be done in Live Poker, where I have been able to chat while playing, and meet people from all over the world, ranging from France to Mexico, and all other places in between.  Just press the button that suits you and your hand best, and you will be an avid poker player like Bond in no time with Live Poker.
Quick Take: Highly addictive game, but then again, most forms of gambling are (oops).
Would I Buy Again: Of course, though the $9.99 version starts you with $40,000 chips instead of $1,000.  That is the only difference..
Learning Curve: Medium.
Who is it for: Everyone with common sense and good judgment.
What I like: The ease of playing and the variety, since playing with different people all the time is a given.
What I Don’t: I am not that good a poker player.  Then again, I am just starting.
Final Statement: Sweat-inducing game of cards and virtual money chips.  What could be better?

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