Livestand from Yahoo! – Review – Potential threat to Newsstand?

On February 23, 2012

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Livestand from Yahoo! – Review – Potential threat to Newsstand?

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By: Yahoo!

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Date Released: 2012-02-09

Developer: Yahoo!

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Livestand from Yahoo! serves as an alternative to the built-in default Newsstand app found on iOS devices. Essentially a virtual collection of pre-decided magazines, Livestand from Yahoo! allows you to browse through the latest news and gossip anytime and anywhere you are.

When I first launched the app, what struck me was that everything was arranged so neatly and orderly. There was no clutter nor did anything stand out like a sore thumb. Organization and presentation are the most important things I look out for when reviewing magazine apps, because content varies all the time. In this case, Livestand from Yahoo! scores high in the aesthetics section. The choice of colors used in this app also blends in nicely with each other, making it visually appealing as compared to reading from a black and white eBook.

However, Livestand from Yahoo! is lacking in terms of content, because it only serves from a limited selection of articles and does not allow users to add their own choice of magazines. This results in content becoming stale rather quickly for fast readers.

The user interface is very friendly to work with. Simple swipes and single taps were all it took to navigate around the app. Pages flipped beautifully but I did experience a few hitches here and there such as content not loading or app crashing while flipping pages.

As a free app, Livestand from Yahoo! is something you might want to consider downloading. While it does a good job delivering articles with a beautiful user interface, it is rather limited in terms of content as it shows only Yahoo! publications.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No.

Learning Curve:Simple. Everything is presented very neatly.

Who Is It For:People who want updates on the go.

What I Like:The neatness in terms of organization.

What I Don't Like:The limited content available.

Final Statement:You can read, but that's about it.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Livestand is your living magazine app from Yahoo!, where the news and stories you care about come to life with visually stunning photos and videos. Explore publications from Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, and other top web destinations for breaking headlines, celebrity news, sports, or whatever you’re into—as you’ve never seen it. You'll lose yourself for hours with its electrifying images and captivating content. Livestand is the ultimate tapping, scrolling, and swiping magazine experience!

• Inline videos and photo galleries are displayed in a unique way always tailored to what will look best on the iPad.
• Fresh Content: Articles, photos, and video update constantly. Headline news, stock quotes, and Twitter feeds update automatically.
• Make It Personal: Create your own “Personal Mix” magazine of your favorite topics from Yahoo! and around the web, whether it's science headlines or the latest design trends.
• All About You: With Yahoo! Today, exclusive to Livestand, you get a personalized serving of your daily basics: weather, stocks, horoscope, and TV. Add the titles you want to “My Library”.
• Up To Four Unique Profiles: Everyone in your family can have their own personal Livestand on the same iPad.
• Spread The News: Share your favorite articles by email or on Facebook right from Livestand.

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