Madagascar Math Ops Review – Learn math the fun way

On June 13, 2013

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Madagascar Math Ops Review – Learn math the fun way

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By: Knowledge Adventure

Version #: 1.1.0

Date Released: 2013-05-30

Developer: Madagascar Math Ops Support

Price: $2.99

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Last week, we gave you a preview of Madagascar Math Ops, which defines a whole new way of learning Math. And after the eager wait, the app is finally out! We all remember how we hated calculations as kids and know how difficult it could be, to grasp those basics. Well now, thanks to Madagascar Math Ops, our kiddos are going to love maths.

Our friends from Madagascar, Alex, Gloria, Melmen and Marty have been trapped by the zoo and as usual, the penguin agents have come to the rescue. But they need your kid’s Math skills to make it happen.

Madagascar Math Ops is half work and half play. Before you enter a level, you’ve to help the agents set up their Equationator to shoot down enemies. Your toddler is given a set of equations and he has to either select the true statement or enter the right answer. Only then, he can proceed to the rescue mission.

The levels are sorted according to difficulty into 1st, 1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd & 3rd-4th grades and have a varying mixture of the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Also, the levels are sorted according to themes into cities. New York, Paris and Sydney are now available, with more coming soon.

Now to the fun part! The gameplay is similar to the Angry Birds and so, there is no question of disliking it. Catapult your agents into the animal cages to release them and crash objects on villains to defeat them. Yes, similar to rescuing exotic birds in Angry Birds Rio. Several powerups like jetpacks, bombs and missiles are also available to speed things up.

Unlike other similar apps where games and lessons are two different streams, Madagascar Math Ops brings them intermittently into a single stream. This will make sure that your toddler doesn’t stick just to the play.

The theme of Madagascar, the overall animations and the adventurous sound effects adds immensely to the excitement. To summarize, Madagascar Math Ops boasts a colorful execution, with praise-worthy gameplay and frequent Math exercises. Surely meets the recipe for an awesome educational app.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:1st to 4th graders

What I Like:The inclusion of Madagascar characters

What I Don't Like:None

Final Statement:Best of its kind

Read the Developer's Notes:
*** The FIRST mobile game starring the Madagascar Penguins ***

* “a great, fun, entertaining math game app that will appeal to all kids …. even those that do not like math!” – Fun Educational Apps

* "…a fantastic app that will help your child practice math while having fun." – AppPicker

* “The big new rule in our house is if you want screen time, make it educational! Thankfully, this new mobile game does just that with the wisecracking Penguins of DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar franchise!" - For Kids Entertainment

The Madagascar Zoosters, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, are in trouble, and it’s up to your child and the Penguins to save the day! Your child will help Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico as they embark on a wild mathematical covert operation to free their friends from the enemy agents!

It won’t be easy but Kowalski’s ready with his new invention--The Equationator, a unique machine that uses math to create soda pop fuel. The Penguins will use soda pop powered jetpacks in an aerial assault, in order to bust the Madagascar Zoosters out of their cages!

Your child will have fun by using intuitive, simple gameplay as they race to rescue the Madagascar gang. Hours of fun learning await your child as they solve mathematical problems and use special jetpack abilities to finish every level.

•See all your favorite Madagascar friends: Play along with the Madagascar crew—Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and those lovable Penguins -- Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private!
•Hours of entertaining physics-based gameplay: Play 80 game levels - strap on soda fueled jet-packs and deploy Penguin pyrotechnics to free the Zoosters Your child won’t put the game down!
•Learn math the fun way: Explore THOUSANDS of math problems ranging from 1st grade to 4th grade, based on standards developed by educational experts for Mathematics. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with 3 difficulty modes.
•Upgrade your game: Power-ups upgrade the fun and help your child free the Madagascar Zoosters!
•Exciting locales to see: Visit places across the world like New York, Paris, and more!

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PLEASE NOTE: Madagascar Math Ops uses in-game currency to unlock game content, power-ups and worlds. You can earn them through gameplay or purchase additional in-game coins via your iTunes account. You may lock out the ability to purchase the upgrade by disabling this through your device’s settings.

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