Mage Gauntlet for iPhone, iPad Review

On October 21, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Mage Gauntlet for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Jeremy Orlando

Version #: 1.00

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Developer: By Rocketcat Games

Price: $1.99

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I have always had a soft spot for 16-Bit games. There is a pleasant simplicity that moves developers to create fantastic gameplay mechanics and beautiful artwork that takes me back to my younger days. RocketCat has always aimed to please with their previous titles. The Hook game series has wonderful pixel graphics and an engaging gameplay that is simple to learn but was a challenge to master. So it is no surprise that their newest venture into the pixel art realm is equally amazing and fun to play.

Mage Gauntlet is a nod to the action RPGs of the Super Nintendo world. Games like Secret of Mana, or A Link to the Past mastered the art of melding Role Playing elements like stat-building, and equipment management, with a third-person view action game where you explore the level and dispatch the enemies with extreme prejudice.

In this fantasy set game you play as a girl that takes on a mission to save the world from an evil wizard bent on world conquest. I bet you haven’t heard of a game like that before have you? That is the beauty of Mage Gauntlet. The plot is clean and easy to follow with a health does of humor. You wont find the makings of the next blockbuster novel in this game, but that ok. I think a game like this would have been ruined if it had taken itself too seriously, and besides, what would you expect from the boys at Rocket Cat. The usual inside jokes and “wink wink” humor is peppered throughout this adventure.

The gameplay is equally fun with what has become the standard virtual buttons and move controls. The entire left side is used to control your character so I found the controls spot on for the action in this game. The story is split into sections with several levels in each section much like the map for Hook Champ. During levels you can use your melee weapon to bring the pain, or you can rely on your magic which works in an interesting way. You gain spells by destroying magical items or enemies during the level. You have four spell slots and what spell you get is random so magic is much more precious when it is used. Some items are able to influence what spells you will get but ultimately you must rely on quick thinking and improvising to succeed. Items that are picked up can either be equipped immediately, or put away for later. In between levels you can change gear for your hero and you can replay levels to find more secrets and to level yourself up. Luckily I never found it necessary to repeat levels to progress as the natural leveling of the game was very well balanced.

Mage Gauntlet has been in development for quite a while and it is apparent that Rocket Cat took great care in every detail to make the entire experience fun for a variety of gamers. For the causal gamer Mage Gauntlet gives you a fun hack and slash that should provide you with several hours of entertainment. For the more hardcore player there is also a wealth of secrets, unlockables and even alternate endings. Rocket Cat has reported that an arena mode is coming in a future update so that measly two bones are looking like a pretty good deal. This game looks like a great contender for best of 2011!

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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