Magnet Boy Review – A very exciting game for those looking for a challenge

On December 6, 2012

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Magnet Boy Review – A very exciting game for those looking for a challenge

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By: Mongol Content (Hong Kong) Limited

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-10-24

Developer: Mongol Content (Hong Kong) Limited

Price: Free

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Another one of those run of the mill catapult based physics games, Magnet Boy seems to have it all figured out. Magnet Boy has players drag and launch a magnetic ball towards the orbit of magnetic stumps scattered across the playing field while collecting stars and ultimately making it to the end point. While it all seems simple and cliche, given that such a gameplay system is the modus operandi of many a game out there, Magnet Boy has a few tricks up its sleeve to separate it from the rest.

For starters, timing is a crux in Magnet Boy. While for most games of a similar genre, placement is what is most emphasized on, Magnet Boy requires players to strategically launch their ball into accurate locations while at the same time having fast enough reactions skills in order to move on the the next stage. Players have to reverse the polarity of their magnetic ball in mid-flight, something that takes much dexterity and reaction speed given how fast the game goes. All this adds to the difficulty level of the game, making it all the more challenging to play. If I had any complaints to make about this game, it would be about said difficulty level whereby even the first level is pretty challenging on its own. So while in other catapult based games players may be able to multitask by gaming and doing something else, Magnet Boy requires all of your attention which makes it all the more engaging to play.

I liked how the game came with a comic book styled opening of sorts, detailing the somewhat relevant but highly unnecessary plot to the game. Of course, the game itself is beautifully drawn comic-style, which was honestly very easy on the eyes and a refreshing take from all the graphic intensive games of 2012. A game like Magnet Boy shows how you don’t have to have high end, eye-numbing graphics that are pretty much a pain to stare at for long periods, and yet continue to draw player attention.

I also liked how levels were made available right from the start without having to access and unlock them in sequential order.

A free app, I strongly recommend the download of Magnet Boy. The first stage, along with a large selection of levels are available for free but to advance beyond that requires an in-app purchase which will unlock further stages. Definitely worth the money, Magnet Boy will keep you hooked for quite a long time.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:High. Game is difficult to play

Who Is It For:Casual gamers and fans of catapulting physics games

What I Like:The magnetic feature of the game which offers a refreshing twist to an over-used genre

What I Don't Like:The game could do with progressive difficulty instead of jumping straight into stressing players out

Final Statement:Who said magnets were rocket science and boring?

Read the Developer's Notes:
Magnet Boy

Jump into a magnetic puzzle arcade adventure that will challenge your aim, brains, and brawn! Download Magnet Boy, fly from one magnet to another picking up robot parts, rebuild broken machines, and have a mentally engaging blast while you do it right now!

Magnet Boy blends arcade action, platformer precisions, and puzzle gaming action to bring you a mobile gaming experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before!

It’s up to you to shoot Magnet Boy across one level after another, picking up various robot parts and using momentum and magnets placed throughout every level to get from place to place as quickly and effectively as they can!

The Story:

A brilliant Earth-bound professor has been busy constructing awesome robots, but when a villain envious of the professors robotic successes decides to crash the party - along with every robot the professor created - to pieces, its up to Magnet Boy to scavenge for every part of every robot and put them back together!

The Game:

You control Magnet Boy by shooting him forward at different trajectories via classic “point & pull” aiming. The goal is to shoot him just the right way from one magnet to another so that he’ll hit (and pick up) robot parts in mid air before hitting the next magnet. There’s an added twist though:

?In addition to compensating with the normal forces of physics you’ll have to change Magnet Boy’s charge in mid air between magnets to make sure that he sticks to the next one rather than being pushed out of the way - and out of play - by it!

?I.E. keep Magnet Boy negative when he flies towards a positive magnet, and visa versa unless you want to skip a magnet all together in which case remember to keep him neutral!

Magnet Boy Features:

?One Unique level pack with 20 different levels available for free! Plus 3 more at your finger tips instantly via in-app purchase for 80 total levels!

?A 3 star level rating system that doesn’t just challenge players to find every robot piece but find them as effectively as possible to make each of the 4 robots they re-create fully colored and complete!

?Intuitive gameplay and easy gesture mean Magnet Boy is accessible to every level of player!

?Fun game twists in every pack including portals, dangerous black holes, and more to keep gameplay fresh and exciting!

?Powerful physics engine to ensure Magnet Boy flies, falls, sticks, and bounces just how you expect him too!

?Vibrantly colorful cartoon animations and smoothly animated gameplay

Magnet Boy is developed by Mongol Content LLC.

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