Marble Maze Ultra – Review

On January 6, 2009

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Marble Maze Ultra – Review

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By: Marble Maze Ultra

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-31

Developer: Chillingo Ltd

Price: 0.99

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Marble Maze Ultra I figured it was just going to be another marble game that involved getting the ball in the green circle, like Labyrinth. And to a degree it is, but Chillingo Ltd. added an extra twist that other marble maze games don’t have, moving blocks. The graphics in this game are very nice, as are the controls.

The game is pretty basic and is just like all other marble maze games you have probably played. You start with a silver ball and the entire objective is to get that ball from the starting point to an ending point, in this game being a black and white checkered square (looks like a finish flag). Marble Maze Ultra couldn’t have simpler controls. Tilting the phone any direction basically tilts the board forcing the ball to roll the same way it would in reality. The added feature thrown into this game that other games like it don’t have, is moving obstacles. On each level there are a series of lighter colored brown squares, that when the phone is tilted, not only does the ball roll but these blocks slide around as well. The key is, is that the ball rolls faster than the blocks slide, and if you are really careful, you can actually get the ball to roll without the blocks sliding. The game features all the same obstacles as other games including stationary walls, and even holes for your ball to drop into forcing you to start over again. The added bonus of mobile obstructions adds an extra difficulty to the game because in some levels you have to move the blocks across almost the entire screen, or around other walls or blocks in order to get your marble to pass through easily.

I have very few complaints with this game. Every once in a while the screen will flash and all of the sudden the moving blocks will disappear. Now I’m not entirely sure if the game is supposed to do this, but I would guess not and that it is a small bug that will be fixed in updates soon to come. It rarely happens, only happened to me three times in forty-three levels. Also, I made it through forty-three levels in roughly thirty minutes, and they were extremely easy. There were only a few levels where I lost more than three marbles, and most it never took me more than one. I don’t know exactly how many levels were implemented in this game at launch but hopefully some more challenging ones are soon to come.





Value: Medium-High

Would I Buy Again: Definetly!

Learning Curve: None-Very Easy

Who is it For: Anyone who likes tilt control maze games

My Likes: Everything! This is a great game, with a good use of physics

My Dislikes: Only one, hoping for more challening levels in the near future

Final Statement: Marble Maze Ultra takes an older idea and transforms it into a fun game all over again. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and will definetly keep it for a long time in the hopes of more levels being added.

Rating: 4 ½ stars

Read the Developer's Notes:
INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!Like Labyrinth games? Then try MARBLE MAZE ULTRA - the classic Labyrinth game taken to the next level * including MOVING wooden blocks *Marble Maze Ultra is a game where your goal is to guide a ball through a moving labyrinth to the goal flag by tilting the device.The moving walls and holes create tougher challenges and a puzzle like gaming experience. You have to use your brain to figure out how to reach the goal. Version 1 of the game with 50 levels gives enough puzzles to give plenty of fun times with it ( more levels coming soon as free upgrade.)If you enjoy Labyrinth, iBall3D, Amazing Maze, iMaze, aMaze then you will love Marble Maze Ultra - try it today!Marble Maze Ultra is developed by Cahoona Games and published by Chillingo Ltd
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