Math Sticker – Review

On December 29, 2008

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Math Sticker – Review

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By: Math Sticker

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2008-12-10


Price: 2.99

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I love Math. Ask me to solve the area of a rectangle with a length of 5 ft and a width of 3 ft and I’ll ask you to stand back as I whip out my pen and notebook to perform integral calculus on a problem that could easily be solved by simple multiplication. But ask me to solve a problem involving matchsticks on a flat surface where I have to move at least one of them around to make the matchstick equation true, and I’m not sure I love Math anymore. I had this experience once where I just scratched my head for an hour only to be told that I only had to remove the top stick from the 7 and use it to make a slash on top of the equal sign to make an inequality sign. Not funny.

Nevertheless, I tried Math Sticker, the iPhone implementation of my not-so-beloved game, and found out two things. One, it works. Two, since the app doesn’t support slashing the equal sign or any other similar connivance, I think I’m getting better at this thing.

To start the game, tap Skills on the main menu. You will then choose the number of digits you want for each number in an equation, the number of picks required to rectify an equation, and whether you’d like to deal with addition only or ‘substraction also’. If you’re like me, you ought to know better than choosing the maximum 5 digits and 3 picks and go with subtraction too. I tried a riddle with these settings once, and I dared not try another. So most of the time I just go with 1 digit, 1 pick and addition only. It keeps things neat and simple and it’s also how I got better at this game — relatively.

The second option on the menu, Rules, will tell you pretty much how to play. The digits follow a seven-segment scheme. As such, to pick a stick for relocation, tap anywhere on the digit where it currently belongs to make that digit pop out, then tap the stick itself to make it disappear, then tap on the digit you want the stick to be part of to make it pop out, then tap on a blank segment to place the stick there. It’s an effective method that closely resembles the real thing.

Your score will depend on how fast you solve a riddle and on your chosen skills; more digits and more required picks mean higher points. Choosing ‘subtraction also’ also translates to a higher score as you’d also be dealing with the negative sign, which you could also pick and move to be part of a digit or, conversely, you could create by taking a stick from a digit.

Back on the main menu, Statistics shows your progress, including your total score and number of equations solved, while Themes lets you change the overall appearance of the app by choosing one of three built-in themes.

Given the number of possible skill combinations (30, if you should ask), with each combination surely having more than five equations to be corrected, it’s safe to say the app holds more than 150 riddles. Perfect for Math-on-matchsticks enthusiasts and more than enough to drive anybody such as myself crazy.

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again: If I were a fan of matchstick Math puzzles, absolutely.
Learning Curve: Relocating the sticks is easy, solving a riddle in a jiffy takes practice.
Who is it for: fans of matchstick Math puzzles, fans of arithmetic, fans of matchsticks
What I Like: Countless puzzles, uncomplicated gameplay
What I Don’t: No option to reveal the solution when you get stumped

Final Statement: If you like classic matchstick Math puzzles on your tabletop, you’ll love them on your iPhone.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Challenge your logic skills!

Find the right place of the matches and solve the actual riddle! Choose the right level for yourself and if you don't succeed the first time, don't give up! Improve your math sticker ability, raise the bar every time! Rapid riddles for your braingears!
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