Maya the Bee: Flower Party Review – Playful learning

On December 27, 2013

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Maya the Bee: Flower Party Review – Playful learning

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By: mixtvision digital GmbH & Co.KG

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2013-12-18

Developer: Maya the Bee: Flower Party Support

Price: $2.99

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The best person to judge a kids’ app is surely one of them. And according to my four year old nephew, Maya the Bee: Flower Party is a gem.

As it might be obvious by now, this is an interactive educational game for toddlers of age 5 and under. Here, we help May, the Bee to setup her Birthday Party. You need to invite Maya’s friends, arrange for food, put up the decorations, light up some crackers and possibly anything to create a rocking party. Things aren’t as complicated as it sounds though, because all these are done through small, simple and fun games.

Throughout the app, you’re introduced to new party guests and blinking icons which can be clicked to enter a mini game. The games include colour matching, identifying numbers, memory tests, finding hidden animals, matching the outline, drawing borders and jigsaw puzzles. These generally donot take more than a couple of minutes and are entertaining & educative at the same time. In addition, there is a Toca Band like music stage for creating random beats and songs.

For successfully completed levels, kids are awarded gifts in the form of decorative props, food items, party poppers, crackers etc and are encouraged with cheerful comments. Also, there is never a pain of failure as your kiddo can retry a million times without facing the disappointing Game Over screen – a must for all kids’ games, I would say. As you proceed, newer and harder levels are unlocked, but mostly are still within your child’s reach.

The graphics in Maya the Bee deserve special mention as they are not of the common 2D cartoony type; the visuals are life-like and responsive. Sound effects, on the other hand, are cute, subtle and effective. Another thing I like about the game is that there are no hidden costs or in-app purchases or ads in it. You get the complete app for just 3 bucks.

Overall, Maya the Bee: Flower Party reminds us of Dora, the Explorer and is probably the best kids’ app at this price point.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:None

Who Is It For:Kids of age 5 and under

What I Like:The graphics and simplicity of games

What I Don't Like:None

Final Statement:Buzz!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Play and learn with the small, sassy, clever bee and her best friends! Different topics – numbers, colors, music, skill and memory – are learnt playfully with lots of fun and humor!

It’s Maya the Bee’s birthday and you’re invited to help her prepare the party. Decorations, food, guests – everything that a great party needs can be played for in 6 categories that are both fun and valuable for child development. Bit by bit, Maya’s interactive party fills up with paper lanterns, dancing guests, a lavish buffet and much more.

There’s lots to discover: Maya’s friends and many of the objects react to what the child does with heartwarming animations, thus ensuring long-lasting fun.
Many new elements are unlocked as rewards for successfully completing tasks, and then the journey of discovery can begin!

Presented by Studio 100 and mixtvision DIGITAL.

The App includes 6 mini games:

* Make music with Maya, Flip and Ben
* Help Willy correctly serve the food
* Play hide-and-seek with Lara
* Read Flip’s thoughts
* Find the matching pairs in Ben’s game of memory
* Draw new party decorations

* the official Maya the Bee App
* Self-determined playing, pure fun?
* Playful sounds and heartwarming animations?
* Charming characters & original graphics?
* Child-friendly use?
* Child-appropriate content
* Languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish

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