Meat Slab Review – Quite addicting, ideal for commute and queues

On August 11, 2014

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Meat Slab Review – Quite addicting, ideal for commute and queues

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By: Tobias Helsing

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2014-07-31

Developer: Tobias Helsing

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I wonder… have you heard of Flappy Bird? I’m joking indeed, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard (and quite likely played) the [in]famous tap-tap-tapping game. I didn’t specially liked it when I tried. I’m all for endless runners and complicated reflex-related games, but something in Flappy Bird just didn’t appeal me.

So, it was kind of surprising when I tried Meat Slab, because I liked it, it’s an addicting little free game. It’s a Flappy-alike, where tapping and keeping mid-air is what grants you a high score: one point for each bounce in a wall. So, your character is a squarish meat slab, jumping from wall to wall inside a grinding machine. If you fall, you’ll be in the next batch of hot dogs, same if you hit any of the saw grinders in the walls (which change position with every jump.) I know this is not specially clear, so here’s an explanatory screenshot and a somewhat short (because I’m not specially good… yet) gameplay example:


It looks easy, specially for the first few jumps. Then walls will only have a tiny space where you can barely bounce off. This is where the skill comes into play: every time you tap the screen your character moves higher and faster to the direction he is about to bounce. Time it perfectly and you’ll land in an empty space, add 1 to your high score and survive for a small while. Time it just okay and you are pretty likely to die. Time it badly and you are definitely dead.

Meat Slab’s full app name is Meat Slab – Amazingly hard challenge [WARNING ADDICTING] I can’t help but agree. I just got to 17 bounces and went to check Game Center. No way I’ll let the guys having 90 stand on top for much longer. If you want to join us,
, so you can download, play and if you can’t beat us, delete it.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:It's free

Learning Curve:Very low, but it's challenging after that

Who Is It For:Tap lovers

What I Like:Different from usual tapping games

What I Don't Like:Tapping games are not my thing

Final Statement:A good queue companion

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