MelApp for iPhone, iPad Review

On July 11, 2011

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MelApp for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Health Discovery Corporation

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Health Discovery Corporation

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It’s summer time, so we’re all out showing a lot more skin than usual. But not all of us are as conscientious about slapping on the sunscreen, and that can in some cases lead to skin cancer. Most skin cancers can be treated, if you catch them early enough, and now there’s an app that will help you.

Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY) is a molecular diagnostics company which has come up with the MelApp. This little app will help you tell whether your freckle or mole is just that or the beginning of something sinister. It’s quite a high tech app, that uses pattern recognition and mathematical algorithms. The app is linked to the Johns Hopkin’s cancer research library. The system they use is called ABCDE, which stands for Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Evolution. These factors put together will help you decide whether you need to go see a doctor. Simply snap a quick pic of your mole or freckle and within seconds you’ll know!

I’m not sure about these things. I’m sure they did their research and this is in principle a great app. But what if you are on a sunny beach and decide to take a quick snapshot and suddenly find you have cancer? No support system, no doctor to explain what the next steps are, or how you may be able to treat it. I think the panic caused by such an app could be considerably worse than its advantages. Still, so many people are unaware of the dangers that any way of getting more people to check their moles etc is a great thing. Still, in the words of the great Baz Luhrman: “Use sunscreen”!

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