MEmoticon – Review – Ever wondered what you’d look like if you were an emoticon?

On March 26, 2012

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MEmoticon – Review – Ever wondered what you’d look like if you were an emoticon?

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By: SurFace Apps Inc.

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-03-18

Developer: SurFace Apps Inc.

Price: 0.99

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We all love emoticons. Even those of us who hate them for their stupidification of good old-fashioned language (like myself) will admit that sometimes, an emoticon is the best way to express yourself. Just don’t overdo it! Now, most people probably haven’t wondered what they’d look like if they actually were an emoticon. But let’s face it, now that I’ve mentioned it, it sounds like quite an amusing concept doesn’t it?

That’s precisely the purpose of MEmoticon; an app in which a photo of your face gets morphed into all the most familiar exaggerated emoticon expressions. For the initial app, you can convert your face into a happy smiley, a sad one, or an angry one. Obviously they all look completely ridiculous and mildly disturbing, but they’re amusing nevertheless. The angry one even turns your face pink for added realism (if you can call it that).

The app auto-crops your face, and uses face detection, which you can also manually adjust. This means that the app does a convincing job in tweaking all the right bits – including making your face perfectly circular, of course – to make you truly look like the scariest emoticon in the world.


You can share your memoticons on Facebook, and even copy them into SMS chats. Though due to their freakish nature, you should send them as more of a novelty gesture than a serious one. If you’ve just started seeing a girl/guy and want to send them a cheeky winking smiley, then using this app is probably not recommended; on the contrary, it’ll probably freak them out. Still, this app is good light amusement, and a promise of more smiley varieties in future updates makes it fine value for money.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Zero.

Who Is It For:Those curious what they'd look like in smiley-land.

What I Like:Inserting your weird, smiley-ed face into texts.

What I Don't Like:Let's face it, the faces are pretty disturbing.

Final Statement:An entertaining and mildly disturbing face-morphing app.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Do your emoticons actually look like you? Wouldn’t it be great if they did?! Now you can make it happen and personalize your communications with MEmoticon for SMS!

Ever wonder what you would look like as an emoticon? What about your friends, colleagues and favorite famous people? Find out with MEmoticon, a fun way to instantly morph your face into all your favorite emoticons on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Show your friends how you really feel by sharing your personalized MEmoticons via SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

• Works with photos taken with your iPhone camera or from your photo library or your Facebook albums
• Choose a face among many on the same photo
• Auto-cropping using face detection
• Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
• One picture automatically populates your entire MEmoticon library
• Copy and paste your MEmoticons directly into your SMS chat
• Share with your friends via SMS, FaceBook and Twitter
• Personalize your communications and enjoy!

• MEmoticon works best with front face photos.
• MEmoticon gives the best result when the picture used is straight-faced and has no expression. Don’t forget, MEmoticon makes the face for you!

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