Meteoric Download Manager for iPhone, iPad App Review

On August 30, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

Meteoric Download Manager for iPhone, iPad App Review

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By: Saloni Srivastava

Version #: 2.0

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Developer: By Digital Poke

Price: $1.99

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I have so much fun playing with my iphone these days, I often forget it’s actually a phone. I never call anyone! But I do download insane amounts of stuff, which can be a pain. The guys at Digital Poke have come up with a fast and reliable way to download your ios files, called Meteoric Download Manager.

So what does it do?
Well, it does pretty much what it says on the box, it helps you download files and then manages your files for you. It has accelerated donwloads, you can queue, pause, resume and refetch. It’s not a bad browser either.
It also features Dropbox integration (which is great, as half my life is in Dropbox these days) and Firefox sync, which means you keep the same open tabs and bookmarks as on your laptop (I’m pretty excited about that, as my lazy butterfingers hate typing urls I’ve already typed in). The app also comes with its own built-in media player that will play MP3 files stored inside the app. I bet Apple is loving this ;). The user can even create a web server via downloads module and stream all their files to any device over WiFi.

The user interface is very intuitive, drop down menus etc mean there are loads of options, without making you feel overwhelmed. All in all, this is a great download manager and well worth the price.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

Here’s a video on syncing your Firefox account:

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