Minicars HD App for iPad Review

On August 28, 2011

App Type: iPad

Minicars HD App for iPad Review

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By: Federico Bigliocca

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Dracoders

Price: $0.99

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Ready, steady, GOOOOOOO!

Minicars HD for the ipad is a traditional top-down racing game, designed especially for the iPad. You trace the route you want your bright yellow race car to take and try to collect as many golden cups as you can to unlock the next level. You need to collect the speeds that pop up in the screen in order to pass enemy cars, but be careful, because then you have more gas (I guess?) and you catch flame rather easily. I found this quite tricky, and kept bursting into flames. Then again, that could be me and my butterfingers, as I even spent a couple of laps going against traffic 😉

App features a vibrant music score with metal guitars, great sound effects. Easy to use, plenty of action, fifteen different laps, each with their own difficulties and quirks. The iPad is so much more suitable for this type of game than the iPhone, so it makes good sense that they made an iPad version. What would make it even more fun? A multiplayer option! And I missed the chance to share my scores online, pretty much bog standard these days, as it’s fun and gives the game an extra competitive edge.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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