Modern War Review – World War 3 at best

On February 20, 2013

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Modern War Review – World War 3 at best

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By: Funzio, Inc

Version #: 3.5.1

Date Released: 2013-01-25

Developer: Funzio, Inc

Price: Free

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So we’ve probably dreamed of being a maniacal dictator, raising a power army hell bent on destroying or conquering the world. Modern War lets you  do just that.

A mobile MMORPG, Modern War has players start off with a faction, slowly building up their military might and engaging in combat with other countries while slowly taking over so as to eventually overpowering the entire world.

The game involves plenty of grinding, where game play revolves around defeating enemies and upgrading facilities so as to take on even more powerful opponents. Sprinkle a few events here and there involving other, real-life players and you have a formula set for a mobile epic.

However, actual game play was a tad disappointing. The battles themselves seemed a tad too cheesy for my liking, with lame animations that I quickly tired of. There was also the expected reliance on things like refillable energy and gold, where as a free game gold was obviously hard to find but easy to spend. And of course, additional gold could be purchased for real dough through in-app purchases. Given how quickly currency is spent in this game, spending some hard cash to advance may not be a bad idea after all.

A free game, Modern War is not what I would recommend for the casual gamer unless you are willing to invest a decent amount of hours and a couple of spare bucks to earn yourself a rank amongst the leader boards.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Rather difficult to grasp

Who Is It For:Hardcore gamers who have plenty of time to spare

What I Like:The prospects of taking over the world

What I Don't Like:Game is far too time-consuming and seems to focus more on sucking out real life cash

Final Statement:Try it only if you have plenty of time to spare

Read the Developer's Notes:

World Domination is now within your grasp! Join a faction and join the fight in Modern War, the
popular combat game where you faceoff against enemies for control of country after country,
until you rule ‘em all.

Taking over the world isn’t for the weak. Build strength in numbers by teaming up with other
players and pooling rewards from individual missions. Then, declare war against rival factions
during monthly three-day World Domination events for the chance to put your name on the
map—literally. Because in Modern War, it’s not enough to want power. You have to take it.

• Free-to-play MMORPG combat game
• Form a faction with friends and other players
• Fight in monthly LIVE World Domination events
• Attack rivals for control of countries and territories
• Run a command center and build fortifications
• Get elected as a faction “Defense Leader”
• See your winning faction’s name on a world map

????? Fun and addictive game
????? Hard to put down once you pick it up
????? Great game that is always getting better

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