Money Story Book review – A powerful finance management tool

On February 29, 2012

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Money Story Book review – A powerful finance management tool

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By: Cheol Seung Jeon

Version #: 1.1.5

Date Released: 2012-02-15

Developer: ReadyXTion

Price: 1.99

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Looking after our finances seems like a particularly relevant thing to do in this day and age of everything money-related going to shit. Seeing as our iPhones are our saviours in just about every other aspect of our lives, why not use them to see how reckless we are with our money?

The undeniably strangely-named Money Story Book is an intricate but easy-to-use app which allows you to monitor your money expenditure in close detail. The interface is sleekly-designed, as you can seamlessly switch between viewing your finances in a given day, month or year.

Aside from inputting your day-to-day expenditures, the app is also an asset management tool, as there are seperate categories for you to pop in your savings, bills, credit card repayments and all the most important things that you (unfortunately) have to pay for in life.

The browsing categories and sub-categories in the app can be customised in both name and colour, making the app adaptable to your specific needs. Further streamlining this already-slick app are graphs and various other fancy ways in which you can view your money trickling out of your pocket. But hey, with the clarity of information you get from this app, you’ll hopefully see the graphs turning in your favour as you become more thrifty.

Ignore the strange name. Money Story Book is a very user-friendly and detailed app for managing your finances. Whether you’re trying to see if you can afford your daily bread for the next week, or are a big shot trying to get a better outlook on your many financial assets, this app will definitely help you.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium - A lot to learn here

Who Is It For:Reckless spenders looking to better control their finances

What I Like:Graphs! You can look at your own finances in graph form!

What I Don't Like:Strange name...

Final Statement:One of the most useful finance management apps out there

Read the Developer's Notes:
MoneyStory Book is easy to use and easy to input data.
UX is applied as much as possible to enjoy MoneyStory Book!

Are you looking for a way to save your money? Money Story Book will totally worth of spending $1.99 for this app!

[Bug report and Questions]
Please send e-mail to [email protected] for support.
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? Easy and intuitive UI (Dash Board)
- “Day” will show each day’s detail transaction list, “Month” will show entire of list to figure out your transactions.
- “Month” will provide whole list with icons so it is easier to figure out your transactions.
-“Year” will show you monthly income & expenses to see all your transactions.

? Customizable Category Icons (with Google)
- Category/subcategory can be edited.
- Category’s color can be changed (Color selection UI is provided)
- Small category can have selected picture to see everything at once
- Google images support

? Easier and Faster inputs!
- Screen touch gets smaller for faster input transactions
- Reduced the possible inconvenience for faster selection

? Credit card/ Debit card
- Credit card’s payment due date & standard date can be selected to calculate scheduled payment and unsettled money will be added together to show the current amount of usage of credit card
- It is possible to set the date for auto transfer to make a credit card payment
- For Debit card, it is automatically subtracted from the account

? Asset Management
- Cash, checkings, savings, installment savings, insurance, credit card, finance market, real-estate, online money, loan, debt, etc. are available to categorize!
- Installment saving can be showed with targeted amount or total inputs of divided money will show as a bar graph to see everything at once

? Backup/Restore
- Can attach your back-up file with an e-mail
- Can restore your back-up file you sent by an e-mail or you linked on the web.
- Supports PC backup/recovery on WI-FI.

? Recurring
- If this setting is activated, then it will automatically added the same transaction
- Credit card down payment can be added every month.

? Bookmark
- Frequently used transaction can be added and reuse.

? Statistics
- Data of category/subcategory will be provided
- Two graphs are applied: Bar graph, circle graph
- Selected asset can be showed with statistic report as an option
-Different days of view can be selected: Day/1week/2weeks/Monthly/2Months/Quarter/Yearly)

? Many more features
- Supprot currency rates conversion
- Starting date of week, month can be set
- Easy to use calculator with views
- Photo of receipt can be attached
- Currency settings
- Fast search feature
- can manage your vendor
- can have a default value when you add expenses or incomes
- Passcode Lock
- If password is lost, e-mail the password to find out
- CSV output is avaliable

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