Monster Cube Review – A monstrously entertaining 3-D match-three game

On August 14, 2012

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Monster Cube Review – A monstrously entertaining 3-D match-three game

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By: Monster Juice - Servicos De Informatica LTDA

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2012-07-12

Developer: MonsterJuice

Price: Free

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I love it when I get pleasantly surprised by an iOS game. And the latest one to pleasantly surprise me is Monster Cube by MonsterJuice.

Monster Cube adds a new dimension to match-three gaming. Literally. Forget normal match-three played in two dimensions, because you’re way better off playing match-three in three dimensions. That’s right: Monster Cube is match-three in 3-D.

So, its being in 3-D pretty much explains the second part of its name. But what about the “monster” part in Monster Cube? Well, it’s called Monster Cube because it’s played with a large cube made up of 64 smaller cubes that are made to look like monsters.

There are seven types of monsters in Monster Cube. (In case you’re wondering, they’re called Ogrey, Borey, Juicy, Nervy, Rocky, Breezy, and Geeky.) The underlying idea is to pulverize the entire cube by matching three monsters of any kind and subsequently eliminating them.

To do that, you just have to tap on a monster to remove it from its spot and then tap on another spot to put it there. Should you have trouble looking for a good spot, just swipe in any direction to adjust the 3-D view. If the relocation of a monster yields a match, the affected monsters fall off from the cube, effectively resulting in less obstruction as you proceed to move and eliminate more monsters.

Monster Cube is time-bound, so you must strive to destroy a cube before your time is out. You can use the emergency button to add 10 seconds to your time, but you can do so only once every hour, which is just as well.

Once a cube is fully destroyed, it gets replaced by a new one. Needless to say, the more cubes you conquer, the higher your score. Also leading to a higher score is the piling up of combos or matching streaks. If you’re particularly good, you might be making enough combos to activate Fever Mode in no time.

Monster Cube is already quite enjoyable as it is, but making it more so is the challenge of accomplishing the game’s various missions. From destroying a cube within 60 seconds to entering Fever Mode five times in a single game, these missions greatly add to Monster Cube‘s replay factor.

You can start enjoying Monster Cube right now by downloading the game from the App Store. You can play it offline or you can connect the game to Facebook if you’d like a social layer added to the game, complete with online leaderboards. Also, note that the game is free, but you can opt to spend $0.99 in-app in exchange for more missions, higher scores, and no ads.

Currently, the game is designed for iPhone and iPod touch, with graphics optimized for Retina display. It looks and works fine at 2x magnification on the iPad. But since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it, I’m looking forward to playing Monster Cube in its native iPad version and with monstrously stunning Retina graphics for the third-generation iPad to boot.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Fans of match-three games

What I Like:The added dimension and the neat implementation of the concept.

What I Don't Like:No Game Center support. No native iPad version.

Final Statement:A great match-three game, Monster Cube easily devours the competition.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Monster Cube is a wild new match three game that opts out from the normal 2D game grid into a wild 3D cube made out of smaller different colored cube shaped monsters! It’s your job to pull them out one at a time, re-arrange them to connect three in any direction, and boom! Destroy as many cubes in a row before time runs out to get the most points possible.

Experience Monster Cube Madness!

Monster Cube includes:

? Dozens of fun unique missions.
? Combos, Point boosters, and Fever Modes to tap into to pump up your score to epic levels.
? Interactive online leaderboards
? A Facebook Page where you can see the weekly highscore from players of all over the world and an awesome Hall of Fame. Check out from which platform gamers are playing and which of both is racking up the highest score!

The countdown is on. The monsters are all in and its up to you to pulverize them. The battlefield in Monster Cube is a vivid 3D cube layered 4 wide and 4 deep with rowdy multicolored cubic monsters, and its up to you to destroy as many of them as possible before time runs out.

The controls are simple, if you want to wind around to see the Monster Cube from different angles simply swipe in the desired direction. Just tap on a cube to grab it, and tap again to put it where you want to. It's that simple.

Get ready to discover the evolution of the match three game - it's Monster Cube and it's here now!

Monster Cube is developed by Monster Juice.

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